Mercedes A Class Spotted On Road In India– Is It 2013 A Class Under Test?


Mercedes Benz India is quite aggressive on its plans to launch new cars in India over coming 2–3 years with one launch after the other lined up. In July 2012, Mercedes showcased its Mercedes B Class Spots Tourer at the Buddh International Formula 1 circuit in India. The B Class cars which we drove at the F1 track were LHD models with manual transmission and were different from what we will get in India before November 2012. The Mercedes B Class will be launched before November 2012 Diwali festival season at a price tag which will be close to Rs. 25 lakhs ex-showroom. With the B class lined up for next launch in India, A-Class awaits its turn. As per the latest updates from media and Mercedes Benz, the A class is likely to debut in India in early 2013 or maybe end of 2012. The A Class will be a premium luxury hatchback from Mercedes Benz India and will feature lots of comfort and luxury features in compact from factor.

Mercedes A Class India

image credit- Team-BHP

As per a fresh picture shared by a user on a popular online auto forum in India, a black coloured Mercedes A class (looks like Mercedes A170) petrol model has been spotted testing on National Highway 8 (NH8) Gurgaon-Jaipur highway in India. The car seems to be a LHD which is probably on some road-test in Indian road conditions prior to its launch in India.

2009 Mercedes A Class

image – Official image of 2009 Mercedes A Class hatch (global model)

The car did not have any sort of camouflage and the logo, badges etc. were all visible easily. Also the license plate seems to be a Delhi registered number. On a closer examination of the picture and comparison with the 2009 Mercedes A Class older model, it seems that the car which has been spied it not the upcoming 2013 Mercedes A Class, its rather some privately owned car which might have been imported by its owner and registered with Delhi RTO after legal import formalities.


image – 2013 Mercedes A Class

Even if the car spotted on NH8 had nothing to do with the upcoming 2013 A Class which is to be launched in India in early 2013, there is still a lot of excitement in Mercedes Benz India, Mercedes fans and potential buyers since the A class is going to start a new segment in India. It will be the cheapest Mercedes Benz car in India with a price tag of close to Rs. 20 Lakhs ex-showroom and is expected to generate higher volumes for Mercedes Benz in India.


We will keep you posted on the updates and developments of the A class launch in India, stay tuned to Car Blog India.