Mercedes Benz Engines To Go On Diet– Leaner and Meaner Engines By 2015

Rising oil prices globally and increasing awareness towards eco-friendly technologies is pushing the automakers to make more frugal and environment friendly car engines. Mercedes Benz is not untouched of this global trend and has recently announced its plans to go for leaner and meaner engines by 2015. The new engine lineup will be more fuel efficient and frugal without compromising on performance. Mercedes Benz will use turbochargers with the lower displacement engines and use modern technologies to reduce the weight of the cars and the engines. The use of turbochargers and weight reduction ensures good performance with lower displacement engines and lower fuel consumption.

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The new engine lineup with include less number of V8 engines, more of inline 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines with turbochargers to boost high performance from them with lesser displacement and lower emissions. This step of Mercedes Benz will also help it to compete better with the BMW on global level as BMW is always ahead in their eco-friendly endeavors when it comes to car engines. Stay tuned to Car Blog India by following our Official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter for latest updates.

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