Take Home A Brand New Mercedes At Half The Price !


Yes, the title you read above is right, its possible now with Mercedes Benz India three year lease plan. This new plan comes soon after Mercedes Benz started its own car finance wing in India. As per the new and one of its kind plan by Mercedes Benz India has started a special 3 year lease option to take home a Mercedes Benz at 50% of the cost of the new car. All you need to do is to pay 50% of the cost and take the brand new car with you on a three year lease after which you return this car back. The icing of the cake is that during these three years, you need not pay any maintainece or insurance cost as it is included in the lease cost. The idea behind this plan is that the vale of a new luxury car depreciates to approximately 50% of its initial cost over a period of three years which is usually the resale value of the car. So if you want to own a Mercedes Benz and can’t manage to pay the full amount, you can lease it for three years and then just give it back after that period.

mercedes r-calss 2011 front

This is a new concept for Indian automobile market and may work well for large corporates and companies who don’t want to get into the hassles of buying and then selling old cars, they may just lease them without worrying about the pain of finding a seller after the car is no longer in use. This model may or may not turn out to be very fruitful for the car maker, but its always good to start something innovative and unique as most of the good things start from a new idea.

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  1. Good idea. As you mentioned no maintanance and insurance is definitely an attractive one. Is it available for all models or only for the higher end ones. Has merc started this already or they are going to launch soon.


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