Mini Roadster 2012 Roofless Model Unveiled – Will It Come To India?


BMW is soon to launch the much awaited Mini brand in India in the coming year 2012 and ahead of the launch it registered the official page of Mini on Facebook. This pre-launch activity has definitely attracted many Mini lovers and the next news we have will amaze them even more.

Mini recently unveiled the Mini Coupe globally and yesterday it uncovered the roofless version of the same, the Mini Roadster. Just like any other Mini this one has it own charm which immediately turns heads. Being a roadster one expects a lot in terms of performance and so does it offer.

The roadster is 146.8 inches in length, 64.5 inches in width and 54.7 inches in height which is 0.1 inch shorter, 1.9 inches narrower and 1.0 inch lower by comparison with the Mini open top.


image – Mini Roadster 2012 Front Side View

The car is a strict two seater having a nominal trunk space of 250 liters which is almost double of that offered with the open top version, solely because of the lack of rear seats. For lengthy items like skis a 14.2-inch wide and 7.9-inch high space is provided at the back of both the passenger and driver seat.


image – Mini Roadster 2012 Rear View

The car will be offered in four different engine options. The naturally aspirated 1.6 L version develops 121 BHP of peak power, the Cooper SD produces a 141HP with its 2.0-liter turbo diesel, the Cooper S develops 184HP from its 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol and the flagship John Cooper Works model,with a 1.6-liter turbo petrol, churns out 208 BHP.


image – Mini Roadster 2012 Interiors

The car accelerates from 0 – 100 km/hr in 8.1 seconds and delivers a brilliant fuel economy of 62.8 mpg. The same is offered with both six speed manual and six speed automatic transmission. Also to keep the weight of the car low a fabric roof has been employed.

We know enough about the car now but what we don’t know is that whether it will be launched in India or not. But i hope BMW considers bringing it to India along with other cars or at a later point in time.

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