Tata Nano Diesel May Launch At Auto Expo 2012– National Institute Of Design Working On Future Nano


Tata Nano has been a center of attraction for past few weeks as the new Diesel model of Tata Nano is expected to break covers in early 2012. As per our recent reports, there were news about the new Tata Nano Diesel making its official launch in March 2011, which coincidentally happens to the 3rd Anniversary month of Tata Nano Official launch in India. As per some new reports Tata Motors may launch the Nano at the Auto Expo 2012 as it’s huge platform to display a revolutionary product to the world. However, the news is not officially confirmed, so there may or may not be an Auto Expo launch of Nano Diesel in India. What we expect is that Tata Nano Diesel will be unveiled and showcased at the Auto Expo while the car’s price announcement and sales will happen in March during third anniversary celebrations of Tata Nano.

Tata Nano 2012 V2 (1)

image- Tata Nano, for illustration only

It has been just a week when Tata upgraded the Tata Nano with its new improved version called the Tata Nano 2012 which features better performance, suspensions and interiors at the same cost as earlier. The diesel engine variant will be an icing on the cake with an expected mileage of close to 40 KMPL on Diesel, the Nano Diesel may become quite popular with a Sub-2-Lakh rupees price tag for the base variant. It will be interesting to see when that happens.

In the meantime, Tata Motors has also signed up an industry-institute partnership agreement with the prestigious National Institute of Design, India which will mutually benefit both of the parties. Tata Nano has sent a Tata Nano car for design students to study and provide their suggestions, improvements in it to make Nano an even better designed car. It will give an opportunity to innovative designers to make Nano a superior car and will give Tata Motors valuable improvement ideas to incorporate in the future versions of Tata Nano to make it even more attractive and useful as a car.

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