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Toyota Prius Hybrid 2012 Improved Model Launch At 2012 Auto Expo

Hybrid vehicles are picking up pace and more and more people have started accepting these vehicles. Although the infrastructure is not very developed in many countries, people concerned about mother nature are readily buying eco-friendly vehicles.

Of the hybrid car list one of the most popular is the Toyota Prius. It is a successful car and has inspired many other similar projects. Toyota’s hybrid technology has made Prius the world’s best selling hybrid car and the it is planning to introduce ten new hybrid models by the year 2015.

2011 Toyota Prius Exterior front

image- Toyota Prius 2012 New Model


Since its launch in 2012, Prius has managed to sell over 1 million units which shows how well accepted the car is. At the 2010 Auto Expo, Toyota launched Prius and now at the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo the manufacturer is planning to introduce the revised 2012 Prius.

2011 Toyota Prius Exterior rear

image- Toyota Prius 2012 New Model

The new features of revised 2012 Toyota Prius are as follows:


  • Revised front bumper
  • A new and enlarged front grille
  • All new clear lens headlamps with LED lamps
  • Daytime running lights on the bumper
  • Electric folding door mirrors
  • Restyled tail lamps
  • New alloy wheel(optional)

2011 Toyota Prius Exterior side

image- Toyota Prius 2012 New Model


  • Blue color lit start button
  • New multi-information display with 16 gradation-step Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) for clearer three-dimensional display
  • New black interiors with silver inserts and new upholsteries
  • Convenience features include
    • Bluetooth
    • Rear-view camera
    • Automatic phone book access and audio streaming
    • iPod album cover display
    • A/C pop-up display
    • Audio system with 11 speakers
    • 3D landmarks and city models
    • ’Play More Like This’ music search
    • Advanced Voice Recognition
    • Text to speech functions

2011 Toyota Prius Exterior interior

image- Toyota Prius 2012 New Model

No technical changes have been brought along with the new model and the 2012 Prius carries the 1.8 Litre petrol engine claimed to have a combined fuel economy of 3.9 l/100 km and 89g/km of CO2 emissions. The incorporated lithium-ion battery has a targeted range of 14.3 miles and can be charged to full in an hour n a half from a domestic source.

The performance figures are not bad too. Prius sprints from 0-100 km/h in 10.7 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km/h.

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