Nissan Unveils The Patrol 2011 – Features And Specifications

Nissan a few days back announced of introducing the Nissan 370Z Sports Car to the Indian market. Now the company is all set to bring out the 2011 Patrol in the Global market but the car is bound to start its journey from the Middle-east and as the name suggests the Patrol is capable of some off road action and symbolizes ruggedness and brutality. The car comes under the tagline “The Hero Comes Home” and has enormous potential.

Specifications of the 2011 Nissan Patrol

The 2011 Patrol is the seventh generation model and some distinguishable design changes have been made to the newer model and features radical new design, an enhanced interior comfort and luxury, new V8 engines, a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox and a new four wheel drive system. As said by the design director the new Patrol is different from its predecessors cosmetically as the previous models had a more brutal and edgy look while the new one is more curvy and makes you feel its presence.


Interiors now are leather packed with polished aluminum and wood grain paneling attracting more customers desiring higher quality interior along with better legroom as the car can accommodate 15 passengers at a time providing 100mm more legroom for the second row passengers as well as the third row ones.


Nissan claims the Patrol to be the most power packed SUV in its segment because of the newly developed ‘VK56VD’ 5.6-liter, V8 engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) and DIG (Direct Injection Gasoline) technologies which together generate an impressive  400 HP maximum and maximum 550 Nm of torque and sports a  new 7-speed automatic transmission providing a wider range of gear ratios as compared to its predecessor making the car capable of delivering more power.

Another impressive feature is the Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC) dedicated to provide a comfortable ride and impressive stability in demanding road circumstances which keeps the car flatter with less body roll during lane-changing and cornering and the new suspension is not rigid as in the earlier models instead it employs  4-wheel independent suspension.

The ALL MODE 4×4 system which is newly developed leaves the driver with four driving modes that the driver can switch to : Sand , Snow, On-road and Rock and also features a new Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control which is available at the touch of a button. Some more interesting features have been employed in the car like a revised Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) with Tyre Inflation Indicator blowing the horn softly when suitable pressure is reached inside the tyre in order to inform the driver. A new hydraulic brake booster and a 4-piston opposed front caliper setup with larger 358mm front discs have made the new brakes more effective.

So as mentioned above the car will be off to the Middle East road in a while and will prove to be a great contender for many SUV’s especially Toyota Land Cruiser and we hope it make its way to the Indian market soon.

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