Honda CR-V 2012 Concept Official Pictures, Video Revealed

Honda CRV 2012 has been making round of news globally with the new larger platform and new looks. Honda has earlier revealed just one pictures of the CRV 2012 back in July 2011. The new release has reveled two more pictures form all angles, and there is also one official Video which explains the design inspiration and element behind the Honda CRV 2012.

Honda CRV 2012 Official Pictures (1)

image – Honda CRV 2012 Front Side View

Honda CRV 2012 Concept Official Design Video

In this official video, James Jenkins, Senior product planner, Honda America described about the deign inspirations behind the CRV 2012 concept.

Honda CRV 2012 Concept Official Pictures

Honda CRV 2012 Official Pictures (2)

image – Honda CRV 2012 Rear Side View

There is ample use of chrome and black-silver combination on the new CRV which give it a very sport appeal. There is considerable overhand behind the rear wheel which gives is a distinct look. The side profile is almost with a parallel-to-ground roofline with slightly rounded back.

Honda CRV 2012 Official Pictures (3)

image – Honda CRV 2012 Side Profile

The front windshield merges gradually into the bonnet and sleek wraparound headlamps and wide rear wraparound tail lamp cluster are fairly visible on the side profile as well. There us a silver lining running right from below the front bumper till the rear one towards the bottom giving it a very sporty visual appeal.

The production version of the new CRV is expected in first half of 2012, we will keep a watch on the developments, you can stay tuned to us for the latest development by liking our official Facebook Page and by signing up for our free email newsletter.

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