Recall Alert: Faluty Handlebar On The Yamaha Ray

India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. has issued a recall for the Yamaha Ray automatic scooter. 56,082 units of the scooter have been recalled due to ‘insufficient welding strength’, meaning the handlebars are not strong enough to handle the stresses of driving. There have not been any reports of any accidents due to the faulty part, but there is a possibility that steering the scooter might be a problem if the fault is not rectified immediately.

The recall is being done under Yamaha’s ‘Ray Refresh Campaign’, customers are requested to go to the link and enter their 17-digit chassis/frame number to check if their vehicle has been affected by the problem. Yamaha will replace the handlebars in the affected scooters at their service centres, though the company has not clarified how much time it will take, it has stated that the replacement will be done free of cost.

Yamaha Ray Z

The recall is limited to the Yamaha Ray, the newly launched Ray Z, Ray SZ-RR and Ray SZ-S are not affected.

In an statement issued on their website, the company stated: “Yamaha found that the handle bar fitted in few Ray scooters may not function properly due to insufficient welding strength. Yamaha has identified all such vehicles with potential problem. As a socially responsible company, we have decided to voluntarily replace the handle bar in all affected scooters. The replacement including its labor charge will be free.”