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Renault has revealed the official pictures of its upcoming Indian SUV Renault Duster. The earlier versions of Duster were branded with Dacia branding, but the one to be launched in India will be called Renault Duster only. The facilitated Duster 2012 which will be coming to India in 2012 will be a RHD model with a sporty design and power packed offer to compete with the other small SUVs in India.


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The front grille has a large Renault logo with three large chrome strips running between the headlamps. The front fascia is very masculine and the with the area under the front license plate being made in gray plastic finish with a grille and silver metallic finish towards the bottom. Also the fog lamps are also included inside this gray colored region.

The head lamps have been beautifully designed and are not wrap-around. The driving height seems high and roof rails also add to the masculine factor. The rear view mirror on the sides are also in chrome and 5 spoke alloys wheels with an curvy spoke design, Renault logo in middle and painted in gray look very sporty and go well with the overall exterior colour theme. The wheel arches are also slightly budging outside on the sides of the Duster.

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The Gray lining which starts at front goes all the way back from sides to the rear with the exhaust tail-pipe coming out from the silver part at the rear. The rear glass is also kind of reverse trapezoidal with the tail lamps designed innovatively connecting with the rear surface. There is a groove on the rear door which is like a contour extending from the rear tail lamps on to the rear boot door.

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The interiors look bright with gray, black and beige. There is a lot of silver gray finishing on the dashboard which makes it look even more sporty. The Instrument cluster is also neat and looks good, the central console looks very well composed with all the controls in the easy reach of the driver. The Air conditioning vents are circular in shape with also looks sporty, there is a large Multimedia and Information display above the console in the middle of the dashboard above the AC vents which also adds to the sporty aesthetics.

The Duster is powered by two different engine including a 1.6 Litre engine and a 2 Litre engine. The Indian version may offer a different engine which is expected to be a 1.5 Litre CRDI Diesel engine with max power of about 90BHP.

If prices competitively, the Duster seems to have all it takes to give a tough time to competitors. It will be manufactures in India with the powertrain being imported as CKD unit and other components being sourced locally from India to keep the prices low. The pricing can be between Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 15 Lakhs (speculated price). We will bring you more updates as some more official information arrives. You can stay in touch by liking our official Facebook Page or signing up for our free email newsletter.

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  1. […] Renault Duster 2012 New Model is expected in India by mid of 2012, so it maybe available for display at the Renault stall. The Duster is already under testing and will be a very competitively priced compact SUV to truly spice up the Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio category of SUVs in India. The expected price of the Duster is about Rs. 10 Lakhs which will be a lucrative price. Lets see how things shape up in the time to come. Check out more about Renault Duster – Renault Duster 2012 India RHD Model Official Pictures Features Details. […]

  2. Exterior:- I feel this is the best looking mini SUV in terms of Price, Its like a mini Fortuner. The SUV creates its own Macho Look when its on road. The Chrome Grills and the hunky body will make you look at the car, even if you have the least interst in automobiles. The Double Barrel headlights suit the car. The roof rails etc add to the style. The could have made the boot door open sidewards rather than upwards. The could also keep the stepny on the door. It would have increeased the style of the SUV threefolds and would make it look like a real SUV rather than a crossover. In looks i will give 910/10 for the SUV. Yes i do agree its ones personal choice, but i bet no one will say that it is a bad looking SUV

    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort):-The interiors of the SUV are fairly built. The space, comfort and cooling of the a/c without the rear vent is awesome. The mirror controls are placed below the hand break which is little difficult to access. The SUV should have been provided with a cruise control, climatic control a/c and foldable mirrors with indicators which looks trendy and which comes as a standard fitting even in low end cars. In terms od interiors i will give 7/10 for the SUV

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox:- The engine performace is good. Infact 85 ps is best suited for city drives. It is also adequately powered for high ways, especially in india where speed restrictions are there. I have cloaked upto 120kms on my duster. The 5 speed gear box is good, even though not as smooth as in the sedans. But SUV’s should have something tough. The fuel economy what i am getting for my vehicle is around 19.89 in high ways and around 18.20 in city with all time a/c on. For the engine performance, fuel economy and gear box i would give the SUV 10/10

    Ride Quality & Handling:- the ride quality is excellent. We can maneuver the car even in high speeds. There is seriously no body roll which normally is experienced in Mahindra Vehicles. The drive is just like riding a Sedan. The high ground clearance doesnt make us feel odd when run over pot holes or bumbers etc. I would rate 10/10 for ride quality and handling for this suv.

    Final Words:- Overall the 85ps RXL is a a value for money. The rear defogger, rear wipers, fog lamps, back arm rest, the music system all makes it worth the 1lakh what you pay extra. I would recommend the SUV for anyone who is looking for a car/sedan/hatchback/suv’s in the price range of 5 lakhs.-15 lakhs. The SUV is not as big as the innova or the scorpio, but it makes a road presence, It gives you better comfort than a etios or a dezire ot hatch backs like polo or i20. Lastly it is totally a different segment-a mini SUV or a crossover between a car and suv. Overall i will give 9/10 for the suv.

    Areas of improvement:- The company should put in cruise control, climatic control a/c, foldable mirrors for the SUV, The boot door of the SUV should be opened sidewards rather than upwards with the stepney blaced on the boot door. The mirror adjustment switch should be placed on the door rather than under the hand break. But as a whole it is the best mini suv at present in the Indian market. The company should open up service centers to support the after sales service with the spare parts price ecconomical so that the buyers of this SUV dont feel disappointed ever when they are motoring with DUSTER.


    Dinesh George
    A Proud Duster Owner.


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