Renault Duster 4×4 India Launch Soon, Testing Started– EcoSport Effect?


Renault is the one name of success just because e of the game changing SUV of their production Renault Duster. As we all know about the charismatic SUV Duster stole the hearts and pockets of consumers some time ago. Now the company has an attraction to put up the car again in the market with some difference.

Currently duster is a five seater SUV with both petrol and diesel trims for consumer’s choices and the SUV is also economic to purchase but then the hidden competition is still a way to come for the Duster. Might be possible the upcoming and much awaited SUV Ford EcoSport can beat the Renault Star SUV Duster. Ford EcoSport is compact in design and also has a capacity of five seats, with the dazzling compact and fuel economic engine. Prediction for the prices of the SUV is that Ford will keep the introductory price low and economic. On the other hand we see that Duster is going to make a comeback with all new four wheel drive technology. Test vehicles of Renault Duster 4×4 India version have been spotted in the God’s own country- Kerala.

Renault Duster 4x4

The good thing about the Duster is that Renault has already a plant producing the four wheel drive version of the star SUV to export. As for now the aired news is that the launch of the four wheel drive version for the diva in India is closer.

Another Idea from our side is that if Duster gets a pre launch than EcoSport, then it might be possible for the same history of success to be repeated. Delaying of EcoSport and launch of the Duster before EcoSport can make a huge difference to both the auto giants. As the success also depend on the mood of the consumer to rather wait for the delayed SUV or to take the unbeatable model of new four wheel drive Duster.

The upcoming model has a unique technology developed by Nissan which features a 3 kind all wheel drive system. The wheel drive system can be handled by a rotational switch fixed on the dashboard. No exteriors changes are there in the SUV except from the 4WD badge. The competition for the SUV is Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari, but then this all depends on the pricing factor too.

via- Team-BHP