Suzuki C-Segment Crossover– Is This Duster Rival For India?


Suzuki comes from a school of thought which has a belief that the consumer should be made aware of the product they are going to get in the near future. And Suzuki has just followed that concept. They have not showcased it completely, but instead have teased the production ready version of their upcoming C-Segment crossover which has its underpinnings from the S-Cross Concept which was showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2012 and will be showcased completely at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The C-Segment crossover segment is the most lucrative car segment as of now with people developing a certain affinity towards the compact crossovers. Suzuki has not revealed all the details about the car, but has told that the crossover will come with an altogether new all wheel drive system which has been developed in house we believe. Also, the car will get the all wheel drive as on option with the standard variants featuring a front wheel drive system.

Suzuki Compact SUV C-Segment Crossover

The upcoming C-segment crossover is based on the S-Cross concept. The car will get both petrol and diesel engines as option. The petrol heart is likely to be made in-house with the diesel heart coming from the Fiat. We believe that will be the next generation of Multi-jets. It will be longer than 4 meters in length and will stand at 4310 mm. The car will measure 1840 mm in length and the height will stand at 1600 mm. The car will have a size equivalent to Duster but Maruti might just manage to squeeze in more space than the Duster to give it an edge.

The car will be built at Suzuki’s Hungarian facility and it will hit the roads towards the fag end of the year 2013. The global roll out will be a phased one and the car will reach the Indian shores in the first wave is what we believe seeing that India is quite the lucrative market for such crossovers. It is also be expected to be built in India as well. The car will come at a decent price tag and shall make life difficult for the likes of the Duster and the EcoSport.

Suzuki Compact SUV C-Segment Crossover Top

Its just a matter of time when all the mysteries resolve. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for details.

via – Autoblog