After Dealer-Level Fraud, Tata Safari Buyer to Now Buy Mahindra XUV700

Update (August-28, 2021)- It has come to light that after waiting for as long as 4 months, the Tata Safari buyer has finally been refunded Rs 8.25 lakh. The amount was refunded after the proprietor of the erratic dealership called the customer and admitted the mistake of his employees. However, after a long-suffering, the customer is no longer interested in buying a Tata car and is instead keen on exploring the option of buying the Mahindra XUV700. We, at CarBlogIndia, are happy that the potential Safari-buyer has been refunded his money in full but we hope that Tata Motors takes notice of this and ensures a repeat of this episode does not take place at any of its dealerships.

Original Post (August-20, 2021)- potential Tata Safari buyer unearths a dealership scam in Mumbai. The aftersales service of Tata Motors has always been under scrutiny because of poor service quality. However, this time around, there has been a scam at the dealership level, which is shocking. While Tata products are getting popular day by day and the growth of the Indian carmaker is witnessing an exponential increase month-on-month, incidents like these could be potential causes of worry for the potential buyers. Tata needs to take this feedback from the soon-to-be customers and work on these things before it starts getting too much bad press. Here are the details of this incident.

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Tata Safari Dealership Scam

Tata Safari Dealership Scam

According to a person who booked the XZA+ trim of the Safari from My DSM Kurla in Mumbai, there were several issues with the further process. He booked his Safari in April and received the delivery date of June 10. As the date kept getting closer, the buyer started to prepare to take the delivery and make the necessary arrangements. However, as the day approached, he was told that the delivery date has been postponed a bit. This happened a couple of times and the dates began postponing one week every time. Finally, when the entire June passed, he started to inquire about the status of his SUV. Frustrated, the potential buyer finally starts to write emails and tweets to the official Tata Motor handles and Ratan Tata.

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Now, while it is understandable that, at times, the deliveries do take a bit longer than expected but there are proper reasons for it and it has to be conveyed by the dealer to the buyer formally. In this case, there was no communication between the dealership and the buyer who had paid another booking amount when asked by the dealer earlier. Later, it was found that My DSM was never the authorized Tata Motors dealer but he took the booking anyway. This amounts to a full-fledged fraud. There is no way that Tata Motors are unaware of someone pretending to be an authorized dealer for the brand which means that they were somehow involved in all this. My DSM actually tried to purchase the car from another dealer and sell it to this guy.

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What Happened Next?

After all this, the next development took everyone by surprise. Tata Motors delisted the dealer from its website because of impropriety. However, in a few days, it was listed as the authorized dealer on Tata Motors’ website. This is really bizarre considering the fact that My DSM was involved in such a big scam which risked jeopardizing Tata’s image. The guy has decided to draft a formal notice to the dealer and promises never to buy a Tata product because of the lack of respect it has for its customers.

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