Tata Nano Diesel Launch In India By March 2012 Expected


As per a recent report by one of our fellow blog, Tata may introduce the diesel engine version of Tata Nano in India by March 2012. The Tata Nano Diesel will not only be an engine upgrade, but it will be an upgraded or we can say improved version of Tata Nano, something like Tata Nano V2 we have been speculating for a long time. Whatever be the case, its surely going to create a new small diesel car segment in India like it did with the petrol cars. So far, there is no competition of Tata Nano in its price segment, but the sales aren’t at the top also because of several reasons. The new Tata Nano Plus or Tata Nano V2 (whichever way it will be names) will address some of the issues which are stopping Nano to pick up in sales like Tata expected.



image- Tata Nano, for illustration only

Along with a high mileage small diesel engine, other improvements expected in the upcoming Tata Nano Diesel will be:

  • Better interior upholstery and Seat cushioning
  • New colour combinations
  • Anti-Roll Bar in suspensions system for better handling
  • New exterior body colours
  • Audio systems
  • Power steering is also likely to be introduces in some variants

Since the expected launch is just two months away from the India Auto Expo 2012, we expect Tata to showcase the Nano Diesel at their stall at the Indian Auto Expo starting in January 2012. Lets wait and watch how Tata plans to surprise India this time. Stay tuned to us for more updates by liking our official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter.

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