Tata Nano Catches Fire In New Delhi


In order to reach the zenith everyone has to face a few obstacles and so is the case with the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano. Earlier we had informed you about the two fire accidents that Nano encountered one on the roads of Mumbai and the second one in Vadodra.

This time the car mysteriously caught fire on the busy roads of the capital on 27 August 2010 and has once again raised the temperature of the ongoing discussions on the car’s safety aspects. Even though the official previously denied of any loop holes in the car’s design and claimed it as a safe vehicle but this incident again brought the topic into the limelight.


Such accidents does make the “Common Man” question the car’s reliability and the fact that its an ultra low cost car would make it difficult for all middle class people to believe that it would be safe. We wish to hear some official word from the company on this series of fire accidents, so as to bring some transparency.