Tata Pixel Concept Car May Be Launched In India !


Updated on 8th January 2012:

Tata Motors Bring Tata Nano Concept Pixel To India At Auto 2012 – Click here for details.

Tata has indicated in a media conversation with the Hindustan Times that the Tata Pixel small car which is based on Tata Nano platform may be launched India. This car is a concept car and may feature in the Auto Expo 2012 in Delhi, following which, it may proceed and transform into a production model which maybe placed between the Tata Nano V2 which is due for launch in 2011 and the Tata Indica Vista. The Tata Pixel has been designed with keeping in mind the needs of a city commute like compactness, easy to maneuver, ease of parking in small space, high fuel economy, use of technology for convenience and comfort. Since itโ€™s a concept, there will be a lot of modifications before a production model is unveiled in future.

Tata Pixel Nano Concept

Below is a Video of Tata Pixel which shows the capabilities of Pixel Concept which includes very low turning radius to turn and park in tight spaces !

Tata Nano Pixel Video

For complete details, check out –

Tata Motors Bring Tata Nano Concept Pixel To India At Auto 2012

Tata Pixel Three Door Small Car Concept For European Cities

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  1. who is the designer of this car? Is TATA did it alone or any other collaboration? How about the cost in India? Possible to get full specifications? Day by day manufacturers are increasing the car price in the name of steel cost, i don’t think so it will be 2.5L..

  2. pixel’s doors are really computerised ???
    de doors open up??
    it is really of 3 lacks??
    it will launch in 2014??

  3. cant wait for it to launch ….
    gnna buy it at any cost …
    its so cute n fashionable…
    its design, headlights, shape …. its makin’ me crazy … ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Friend Tata Never Manufacture such kind of beautiful cars for the Indians for us they will only launch nano as one of the sales person had told me that tata will never launch this car in India….

  5. Beautiful, seems to be one of the best ! But we would like to see this in India soon. Can anyone tell me about this ? What would be the price for this ?

  6. i think it will be around 3 lakhs and i will happily pay for it. But i expect to have better engine power and interior as compare to nano. But one thing is for sure guys mark my words.
    The day it is launched it going to take best car design award for the year. It is really stylish!

    To TATA :- i have been hearing about it forsome year now. Launch it in india and i will be one of it earlier buyer.

  7. This is really dont know what happening with this CAR,
    Announce in 2011 and its 2016 yet not launched,
    Etne time me to koe misssile bhi launched ho jata hai common!!
    Time chnage very fast please you too change,
    Make it haapen ASAP


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