Tata Safari Buyer Gets Relief After Facing a MASSIVE Dealer-Level Fraud

Updated on September 15, 2021 – Gagandeep Singh Kochar, the aggrieved buyer of Tata Safari who had faced a massive dealer-level fraud, has today informed us that the issue is finally ‘very close’ to being resolved. We’re happy that Tata Motors has take notice of the huge fraud that the owner had to face and has taken steps to help him out. As is the case with most such cases, the owner of the defective Safari has been asked by the carmaker to not share any details of his deal with the company but we’re glad that the carmaker has taken notice of the owner’s plight and is taking steps to resolve the issue.

Originally posted on September 5, 2021 – Just days ago, we reported how a dealer-level fraud pushed a Tata Safari buyer to cancel his purchase and wait for the Mahindra XUV700 instead. Today, another case of an authorised Tata Motors dealership goofing up big time has come to light. The difference here, though, is that this time around, the person suffering has actually bought a Safari and has been facing one problem after another right from the time of purchase.

tata safari dealership fraud

One Gagandeep Singh Kochar has posted that he bought his first Tata car in the form of a Tata Safari XZA+ even though he was advised by many to not go for it owing to frequent after sales issues he could face from Tata Motors. Before the delivery, he was shown his car and its serial number along with the odo reading 20 km. However, the next day, he was forced to take delivery of another car that had a totally different serial number and over 62 km on the odo. Gagandeep was told that the vehicle booked for him was mistakenly handed over to someone else and hence, he had to settle for a different vehicle. However, to avoid creating a scene, he took the delivery without being provided with the second key. Soon thereafter, his new vehicle started throwing multiple errors.

The issues ranged from engine fairly to power steering issues. The car even had numerous vibrations and even stopped on the road multiple times. Subsequently, the dealership had to completely change the entire wiring, which needed 2 days. The service centre guys even changed 8 sensors and many other things. Such was the condition that even though Gagandeep had driven the car for only 600 km, the service centre crew drove it for 800 km for test drives. However, in spite of several efforts, the car couldn’t be fixed and they took the vehicle back. It was given in writing that a new car will be provided and that the same has been booked but now, even after 2 months of waiting, no new car has been delivered while even the faulty car was taken back.

tata safari dealership fraud

While we do understand that any car from any manufacturer can face some niggles but the Tata Safari in this case, here, is definitely a lemon. Moreover, it’s rather surprising that a car allotted to Gagandeep was handed over to someone else while the faulty car was delivered to him without letting him know of the issues he might face. Finally, even though the service centre crew couldn’t diagnose the issue, it’s heartening to see that the promise of a new car was made. However, it’s nothing short of a harassment to have the customer wait for months after having him face troubles with a faulty car. We really hope the boffins at Tata Motors take notice of it and provide Gagandeep with a new car at the earliest.