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Get Toyota Fortuner Brakes Upgrade From Toyota

Toyota has been feeling the heat of car-recalls and problems discovered with its vehicles in past. Although the cars by Toyota are really nice, but there are scopes of improvement with almost all cars. Toyota Fortuner is a mighty SUV from Toyota and had similar disk brakes as Toyota Innova. Based on the feedback from the customers that the brakes felt not-so-good, Toyota has improved the brakes of Fortuner and now it get the bigger disks and better calipers, same as that fitted in the Toyota Prado.

The new brakes, being larger and more effective than the previous ones, perform with more ease. These upgraded brakes are now standard with Fortuner SUVs made after February 2010.

If you have bought your Fortuner recently and are not happy with the brakes, you can contact Toyota and you may get an upgrade fro free. This is done by Toyota on case-by-case basis if a problem is reported by a customer.

It is a welcomed step as by these kind of measures, the customers really feel that the car seller cares for their convenience and safety.

source- Autocar India