Two More Electric Cars For Indian Roads By REVA- NXR and NXG

REVA is the first and only Electric Car Company to sell electric cars in India. I am strong believer in electrics and hybrids. I believe that with diminishing supply of petroleum and awareness towards environment, electric cars make a perfect sense. Especially if the cars are charged using electricity produced from Solar, Wind or Hydro Power.


India has been a price sensitive economy for decades and Indian consumers want value for money in their cars, so electric cars make even more sense because they have cheaper running cost. The biggest reason for electric cars to lag behind is probably the battery technology which needs to improve, charging time (which can be a few hours) and the range (which is typically up to 200 KMs), which restrict them to in the city usage only.

REVA is launching two new models of its eclectic car, one is a sporty 2 seat 2 door car and other is a 4 seater 2 door  family car. These cars have been designed by famous Indian designer Dilip Chhabria. REVA will unveil these cars at Frankfurt International Motor Show.

REVA Hall 8, Stand D38, 63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), 15 -27 September 2009.  Press days: 15th and 16th September. Open to the public 17th to 27th September.


REVA NXG is a two seater two door sporty looking car with top speed of 130 KMPH. It will run 200 KMs on one full charge of battery. I hope that by its production in 2011, the battery technology will improve and increase this range to more than 200 KMs. So buckle up for a new electric to dazzle the Indian road with a smart and sporty look in an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly manner.




This is a a 4 seater 2 door car, which will run 160 miles on single charge. The top speed will be 104 KMPH. The car can be booked right after its launch at Frankfurt. It will start rolling on roads from early 2010. The car will have lithium ion battery. But sad news is that the Indian version of this car will have lead acid battery which will have only 80 KMs range on full charge and top speed of 80 KMPH, and undoubtedly the reason for this must be high cost of lithium – ion batteries which makes them unfit for price sensitive markets like India. But I strongly believe that the with mass production and advanced technologies, soon the lithium ion batters will become cheaper and fit for Indian consumers pockets.

Both new models will be manufactured at REVA’s new green manufacturing plant in Bangalore.  The plants use solar power, rain water harvesting, and other eco-friendly methods to reduce the carbon foot-prints.

I am looking forward to a day when most of the cars will be hybrids and electrics which can be charged in a few minutes and with a range of at least 500 KMs. Also see this Article on Future of cars to know more of my views on future of cars.