Around every season we hear new discount schemes on cars surfacing the internet and being published in the newspapers but so far no price discount has been as enormous as the one we are going to tell you about now. Ever heard of Volkswagen Phaeton? It is a luxurious sedan launched a while back to compete with Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series.

Surprising enough, with a price tag of Rs . 76 Lakh when launched, which is way below that of an S Class or 7 Series, the car never got the attention it deserved. Whether it’s the top notch engineering that went into the development of the engine or the exquisite upholstery and features, everything failed to draw buyers towards the showrooms.

The car has seen enough failure in the past 18 months  with only 53 units sold, so now the manufacturer has decided to cut the price of Phaeton not by 2 Lakh or 5 Lakh or 10 Lakh, but by a whopping Rs. 25 Lakh. The car sports a 3.6 Litre V6 MPFI petrol engine which develops a maximum 280 BHP of power and peak torque of 370 Nm and is coupled with a six speed automatic transmission.

The car has got all the features one could expect from a super luxurious and ultra safe sedan but the only downside of this car where others are way ahead is the economical aspect. While its foes get extremely frugal engines, the Phaeton is still not anywhere near in terms of efficiency. But going over the features it comes equipped with, Volkswagen offers more for less.

The company says that the discounted Phaeton is ready for bookings but it will take a month for the car to get delivered which means that there is no stock piled up at the dealerships and the brand itself is offering the discount to improved its market share.

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