10 Car Sounds You Should NEVER Ignore

First Signs of Problem

Cars sounds are always the first sign of upcoming issues. Ignoring them will not repair a fault but would only make things worse.


If you hear a “boom boom” sound when going over bumps, it’s mostly due to an issue with the car’s suspension. It needs to be checked immediately as things can get expensive if problems get complicated.

Grinding Noise

Grinding noise comes from metal rubbing up against some other metal. Mostly, it’s due to brake pads rubbing against worn-out brake rotors or an issue with the water pump, alternator or drive belt.

Hissing Sound

A hissing noise usually hints at a problem with the hoses around the engine. This might be due to an air leak, a vacuum leak, or a faulty hose.


This is a common problem and happens if your engine is either low on fluids or if there is an issue with the rod bearings. It needs to be inspected immediately to prevent extensive damage.


A rattling noise hints at problems with your muffler, suspension or your brakes. Even the loose heat shields on exhaust pipes can rattle.


A squeaking sound generally comes from a worn out suspension or loose belts.


A squealing sound while accelerating a hints at an issue with the car belt. A broken belt can leave you stranded.

Ticking and Tapping

Ticking and tapping sounds mostly are a hint of bad car maintenance. The car is required to undergo tune-ups at regular intervals. Something as simple as an oil change can keep your car in great condition.

Tire Noise

Tire noise is usually due to an issue with the alignment or suspension This is something you should get checked immediately.

Whining Sound

Whining sound in an automatic transmission is caused by a clogged filter or low fluid. In case of a clogged filter, the sound is emitted while the fluid tries to pass through the filter.