Himachal Gets Foreign-Like Rolling Barrier Guardrails

Himachal Pradesh is the first Indian state to get Rolling Barrier Guardrails. Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has been busy transforming the entire road infrastructure to reduce loss of life and this comes in as a major step.

These barriers absorb the maximum impact energy and convert it into rotational energy to turn the car back in direction of driving and not let it go off the road.

ETI (Evolution in Traffic Innovation) is the company that is credited with the innovation and manufacturing of these guardrails

India plans to invest heavily in this technology to make its mountain highways safer. With the success of Himachal’s pilot project, the installation will happen even in other hilly areas.

Govt. of India and MoRTH are working overtime to make Indian roads, as well as the vehicles safer.

In line with this, a legislation has been passed to direct the carmakers to equip new vehicles with 6 airbags.