Top 10 Cars of CSK Players

MS Dhoni's Nissan 1 Ton

Even though MS Dhoni owns many cars, his latest prized possession is a Nissan 1-ton that has been meticulously restored.

MS Dhoni's Hummer H2

Dhoni's love for badass SUVs can be gauged from the fact that he even owns a Hummer H2.

Ravindra Jadeja's Audi Q7

Ravindra Jadeja got an Audi Q7 as a pre-wedding gift from his father-in-law. He's married to politician Rivaba.

Ambati Rayadu's Land Rover Freelander 2

Ambati Rayudu has an old Land Rover Freelander 2. His car came to lightweight when it got involved in a road rage incident a few ears ago.

Ambati Rayadu's Ford Mustang

Ambati Rayudu even owns a Ford Mustang that he doesn't seem to use much. 

Ben Stoke's Ferrari F430

Ben Stoke has arguably the best car among all players of CSK as he owns a stunning Ferrari F430

Ben Stoke's Range Rover Sport SVR

In fact, Ben Stoke owns another performance-focussed car in the form of the Range Rover Sport SVR