Chevrolet Beat Diesel Launch Confirmed On 25 July 2011- What To Expect From Beat Diesel?

Chevrolet is going to introduce its small diesel car Chevrolet Beat Diesel in India on 25th July 2011. The date has been fixed and the launch will bring an all new small diesel hatchback to India. In this article, we will share some of the salient points of Beat Diesel that we look forward to, and what to expect from Chevrolet Beat Diesel.


We are quite optimistic about the beat diesel and we have reasons for the same which we will share with you here. First of all, Chevrolet Beat Diesel will be the smallest displacement diesel engine passenger car in India. So far, the 1 Litre 3 Cylinder Multi-jet Diesel engine will be the smallest engine in any diesel car on sale in India as of now. To add to our excitement about this engine is the fact that this engine is a stripped down version of the popular 1.3 Litre Fiat Multi-jet engine which powers numerous successful diesel cars like Maruti Swift Diesel and Fiat Grande Punto !

The diesel engine used on Beat Diesel has been developed by cutting-off one cylinder from the 1.3 Litre Multi-jet turbocharged CRDI Diesel engine which produces an amazing peak torque of 140 Nm at just 1750 RPM which makes the car very responsive. The low end RPM torque is also pretty impressive with 100 Nm at mere 1250 RPM. This will make Beat diesel a very peppy ride besides being powered by the smallest diesel engine in any passenger car. The DOHC technology further helps improve the fuel economy of Beat Diesel which is 24 KMPL as certified by ARAI.

Beat Diesel will feature a light weighted electric power steering which will make it even more convenient for congested city traffic and will also help boost the fuel economy. The suspension of the Beat Diesel has been made soft for more comfortable drive and will provide ample comfort on a patchy road.

One little downside of Beat Diesel is that in terms of interior space,  the Beat can seat only four adults comfortably as the rear seat space is not very wide for comfortably seating three adults. This may not be a downside for small families of four or lesser members. In fact, in most of the city driving conditions, people mostly commute in smaller groups, so may not a big issue for most buyers.

So if you have been waiting for a small car which is diesel powered and does not burn a deep hole in your pocket on running cost like most petrol cars do, you might really get something you wanted. The huge and ever increasing gap in the petrol and diesel prices have made Diesel cars a really cost efficient way of commuting compared to the petrol cars. Its now all about pricing the Beat Diesel right, which we hope the General Motors will do, as they have done with most of their cars in India. We are looking forward to the launch and will bring you the latest updates as they happen. For more updates and information, you can stay update by liking our official Facebook Page or you can sign up for our free email newsletter.

Updated on 25 July 2011

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