Yamaha Unveils Zero Emission Electric Scooter EC-03 In Japan – Specifications Features & Price


Yamaha is the world leader in innovative two-wheeler technologies and no other brand literally can match upto the benchmarks this Japanese company has set. If we consider the brand’s success in India over the past 1-2 years, one can easily tell how joyful its journey has been.

The brand recently has lunched the Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter which is a ZERO-EMISSIONS vehicle and incorporates lightness, compactness and comfort and is entirely different from the conventional 50CC motor scooters.


General Specifications Of Yamaha EC-03

The new scooter features a high energy density 50V lithium-ion battery manufactured by SANYO Electric Co. Ltd along with Yamaha Motor’s super-slim Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU), both working together to deliver smooth running performance under all circumstances.

Once fully charged the vehicle can cover 43 KM at a speed of 30 km/h on a flat road,describing the desired performance in urban cities for short range transportation and also features a light weight aluminum alloy frame and a plug-in recharging point(Compatible with a 100 V household electric outlet).

Important Features Include :-

  • Super-slim power unit (YIPU) – Minimize drive power-transmission loss and delivers smooth running performance
  • High energy density 50V lithium-ion battery – For improved torque (power development) characteristics in the low-speed range
  • Plug-in type recharging – For increased convenience
  • Mutual-communication control system (YMCS) – For easier operation for the user and smooth running performance
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame(30% lighter than than  gasoline engine model of same class) – Provides increased rigidity, improved handling stability, straight-line running stability.

Other Features Include :-

  • Electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip
  • Two running modes
  • PIN input type anti-theft device
  • “High-function LED Meter Panel” with odometer and tripmeter switching function
  • Key-operated pop-up type seat lock
  • Wire type helmet holder
  • Luggage hook etc.

Price Of Yamaha EC-03

The price for this amazing technology is speculated to be around 252,000 Japanese Yen which comes out to be a mind boggling 1,36,000 INR and once it is introduced in our country, it will certainly raise several eyebrows when it would come to buying one.


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