2021 Ford EcoSport Owner Lists Out Several Issues With His New Car

The Ford Ecosport is currently the oldest model in its class but in spite of being around for so long, it benefits from a fair amount of followership. Regardless of this fan-following, however, not all owners of this B-SUV seem to be having a pleasant experience with their vehicles. Today, what we have here is a video in which an owner of a 3 week old 2021 Ford Ecosport has listed out several issues that have ruined the ownership experience. Here’s the clip –

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The video starts with the introduction of the owner of the EcoSport, wherein it’s told that he has driven many cars from Maruti Suzuki, Honda and Hyundai, but still decided to go for the Ford this time in search for an increased sense of safety. At the time of shooting of this video, his vehicle was just 3 weeks and 1400 km old but in the following minutes, the owner talks in detail about the several issues that he has faced with the vehicle. The owner also reveals that based on many Youtube video, he could finalise between the Maruti Vitara Brezza, Tata Nexon and Ford Ecosport. Now, the biggest issue that he has faced is with a hard clutch that has a very long travel. This is typical of most Ford vehicles but things certainly get amplified when you have driven a car like the Maruti Swift diesel for lakhs of kilometres.

The 2021 Ford EcoSport owner goes on to explain how his daily driving is 100 km and by the time he calls it a day, his left leg is aching from the usage of the heavy and long-travel clutch. After speaking in detail about the inconvenience he has been caused by the clutch, he then takes the viewers to several other issues that he has been facing. For instance, he’s definitely a tad too bothered with the huge blind spot that the A-pillar creates. Although Ford has tried to reduce it by offering a small quarter glass, the owner explains how it’s pretty useless and how he’s always scared of hitting someone in the blind spot when driving the vehicle. He also goes on to show how the high window-line makes it claustrophobic on the rear seat. Next, he talks about the small glove compartment and even points out something interesting about the bottle holder in the front door pads. He shows how a bottle tends to slide out of the door pocket under hard braking. This can get especially risky if the bottle slides out and gets stuck below the brake pedal.

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2021 ford ecosport ownership review problems

He also shows how he can feel the steering shaft when pressing the clutch totally, which, basically, is a clear sign of incorrect design. Next, he points out how the performance in the second gear is not punchy and the car struggles when going uphill. He also tells how he is disappointed with very low fuel mileage of 14 kmpl in spite of driving mostly on the highways. Finally, he was surprised to see the DPF cleaning error pop up in just 1100 km even when his car has hardly run in the city. He also points out that the suspension is on the stiffer side and the seats are uncomfortable for well-built people. Finally, he points out that even the IRVM is on the smaller side and the accessories of the vehicle are too expensive. Overall, it’s clear that the 2021 Ford EcoSport has pretty much failed to impress this owner and while we do agree it’s a tad too late for Ford to iron out these niggles, we hope at least some of these are sorted out in the upcoming facelift. What do you think about this ownership review of the Ford EcoSport? Do you agree with the various points raised by the owner?