Audi R8 On Fire, Literally!– Fire Accident In Mumbai During Parx Supercar Show

“Face of the game is race” and race has a new name the all new Audi R8.The auto car and sports lover had a great wait out for the launch of the sports diva Audi R8. The car is launched by Michael Perschke head of Audi India in New Delhi. The car was casted in the Bollywood movie Race 2. It can be said that the marketing strategies have been changed these days over the globe. Anyhow but the main thing is that car got launched which was a wait for every automobile lover. The masses would be shocked to know that their sports star Audi R8 caught fire during the Parx supercar rally.

The R8 supercar caught flames at the Bandra Worli sea link. The driver of flamed supercar was safe. Hence there is no causality else the supercar got completely into ashes. The coincidence of the accident was this that the supercar R8 caught fire suddenly when the Parx supercar rally was crossing the Bandra Worli sea link. The Audi R8 supercar which caught fire was not a part of Parx supercar rally’s family. The good thing or another coincidence was that the driver of the off rallied supercar R8 was luckily saved by the participants of Parx super car rally.

The participants took the prompt action and the life saved. The big league was also enjoying the Parx supercar rally. The Head of Audi India, Michael Perschke was also the part of this rally, and he too was driving an Audi R8 along with India’s Formula 1 driver, Karun Chandhok. Karun Chandok and Narain karthikan recently won the title for India in ROC Asia cup held in Thailand. The Parx supercar was showcased at Mahalaxmi race course RWITC, Mumbai. Michael said that the burnt Audi R8 is completely in their possession and they are diagnosing the problem that why the diva R8 caught fire.

Further adding he said that they found some parts which suggests that completely flamed Audi R8 has been self modified by the owner. Rest he advised media to get calm and more input would be provide by Audi India later. This was confirmed that the burnt Audi and the saved driver were not from the rally. Gautam Singhania, Founder and Chairman of the Supercar club of India was also driving the supercar and he admitted that the super diva did not belong to their club. Media questioned Gautam to reason why Audi R8 caught fire. He replied saying this that manufacturer of the car would be able to give enough satisfactory answers.