BMW 3 Series Sedan Specifications Looks and Features


Indian market is now flooded with premium global car companies like BMW Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Skoda and what not.  Now driving luxurious cars is not a dream anymore,  all you need is good amount of money. Today we will focus on BMW 3 series.

BMW in Indian market has 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X3, X5 and M series.

BMW 3 series sedan comes in following models

  • BMW 320i
  • BMW 325i
  • BMW 320d
  • BMW 320d Highline


Lets talk about some very special and high tech features that set the BMW apart:


Dynamic Stability Control (DSC):

While cornering Dynamic stability control continuously monitoring forces acting on chassis and checks that they are within max limits, if it seems to skidding the system suitably apply brakes on individual wheels as needed. There is Extended DSC which is only in 6-cylinder engines it has five more functions i.e.

  • Brake stand-by: for reduced stopping distance in case of emergency.
  • Brake drying: to enhance brake response during wet conditions.
  • Hill-start: so that we can drive uphill without any worries.
  • Fading compensation: to induce consistency even though the brakes have heated up.
  • Soft stop: for smooth stops and reduced brake drive.


Run flat tyre:

One more interesting thing is we can drive more 250km even the tyre is puncture. This is due to a special reinforcement side-wall.

Tyre pressure indicator (TPI):

Tyre Pressure Indicator continuously monitor tyre pressure and indicate for air.

6 Airbag Safety:

BMW 3 series is equipped with electronic sensors and 6 air bags which make your drive much safe and secure.

Park Distance Control (PDC):

There are 2 ultrasound sensors, one in front and another on backside, which warns about the proximity of obstacles.

Intelligent Vehicle key:

There us an integrated chip on key which give valuable information’s like vehicle registration number, mileage & vehicle servicing status etc.

Automatic Climate Control:

A highly developed system which automatically controls air circulation, they includes micro-filters, condensation & sun light sensors & fast heating features that create comfortable atmosphere very quickly.

Start / Stop button:

Now the dive is just one finger away, you will feel like u are in cockpit and ready to take off. You can start and stop the engine at the click of a button.



It looks classy, neat and impressive. Its a head-turner on Indian roads. BMW is kind of a status and style statement in India. The car looks huge in length, luxurious high end interiors that will spoil you with its comfort.



Now lets have a look at at the muscles of this baby:


Technical Data320i325i320d320 Highline
No. of Cylinders4644
Valves / Cylinder4444
Capacity (cubic cm)1995249719951995
Max Power (BHP @ rpm)154 @ 6400 rpm212 @ 6500 rpm174 @ 4000 rpm174 @ 4000 rpm
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)200 @ 3600 rpm246 @ 4000 rpm350 @ 1750-3000 rpm350 @ 1750-3000 rpm
Kerb Weight (Kg.)1390146014451445
No. of Gears6666
Top speed (Km/h)218242225216

(0-100 km/h) in sec.
Mileage on

Highway (KM / liter)

Mileage in City

(KM / liter)

BMW is equipped with sophisticated gadgets to make your drive pleasurable.
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Photos courtesy [BMW India]

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