Dhinchak Pooja’s ‘I Am a Biker’ is Pure Cringe Material

Dhinchak Pooja, a Youtuber who’s infamous for her totally cringe-worthy songs, is back with another track that shows her asking people to listen to her songs while riding a motorcycle without a helmet

After torturing audiophiles with her earlier tracks, cringe queen Dhinchak Pooja is back with another video song that shows her riding a motorcycle and urging people to listen to her songs. Titled ‘I am a Biker’, the new release shows her riding a Royal Enfield without a helmet and singing,“I’m biker, jaise koi tiger (I’m a biker, like a tiger)”.

The singer can be seen dressed in a leather jacket and wearing a thick chain. Riding along her or male bikers who, too, aren’t wearing a helmet. In fact, some of these have been shown stunting on public roads with complete disregard to law.

The 1.30-minutre long video song is full of amusing lyrics, like,“Mote thodi diet kar, tu bhi mujhe like kar (fatso go on a diet, you should like me).” Of course, if all the blatant disregard for the traffic rules wasn’t enough, the fat-shaming makes the track a wee bit more offending. On the other side, she goes on to advise everyone to give up junk food and hit the gym. Also, she advices people to not get into a fight with her instead, start listening to her songs. And, finally, irony dies a thousand deaths as she asks people to follow traffic rules while throughout the video, she can be seen riding the Royal Enfield without a helmet on.

dhinchak pooja i am biker images

Dhinchak Pooja has switched off comments on her latest video on Youtube to avoid people from trolling her. At the time of filing of the story, the track had crossed just over 166k views in three days of its upload. Thankfully, the artist has shown a disclaimer stating that the stunts were performed by professionals under supervision. However, many Twitter users have tagged Delhi Traffic Police when sharing this video. The traffic police is yet to take any action against the artist or others who are featured in the music video.  

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