112 Fiat Exclusive Dealerships Planned By March 2014


Fiat Group Automobiles India (FGAI) that recently stepped out from the Tata Motors shade aims for a 5% market share by next year. Along with the company also plans for 112 Fiat Exclusive dealerships by the same time. As stated by FGAI VP Sales and Dealer Development executive, Ravi Bhatia, that last year around 76 million units were sold throughout the world out of which Fiat accounted for 4.7 million vehicle units. This figure is roughly five percent of the total units sold.

Their present target is to have similar market share in India as well he added. The Italian car maker recently opened a dealership in Ahmedabad. This dealership is their twenty eighth dealership in India and second in Gujarat. They also plan to shortly open up their dealership in Rajkot and Vadodara too. These dealerships will help the brand in enrooting its hold in the inner section of India.


Fiat managed to phase out around 10, 000 units in 2012, and during the next three years it plans to double its sale every year. All these steps are being planned with an aim to gain five percent market share in India. Also, in order to achieve this goal, the company has also decided to bring in several new models in upcoming years in Indian market. Some of the included vehicle will be Abarth – their racing car and Jeep to make an entry in the SUV segment.

The company is also looking into introducing two version of their Jeep brand as CBUs that are right now being sold under Chrysler portfolio – Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee. Both these vehicles will be available in India by end of current year. Fiat is also checking possibilities to locally build its B and C segment SUVs at the Ranjangaon facility that is situated in Pune.