Ford EcoSport Claimed To Transport 600kg Cargo But Should You Do It?

The Ford Ecosport has been in the news of late. Of course, much of this is due to the several sightings of the upcoming facelift. Also, in the recent past, we’ve reported about the various cases of DPF problem that is being faced by the owners of the BS6 diesel variant. There have even been many incidents of the Ecosport‘s rugged build keeping occupants safe in an event of a crash. Today, though, we have something different – Here’s a post by an owner of this B-SUV who claims to have successfully transported 600 kg of cargo in his car. He goes on to state that he faced no issue transporting such a heavyweight. If true, it surely speaks volumes about the sturdy suspension of this Maruti Vitara Brezza rival but is this something you should try on your own car? Well, no.

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ford ecosport 600kg transport

As can be seen in the post above one Pijush Karmakar writes that he had to deliver 22 boxes of vitrified tiles from a shop. He, along with another person, had gone to collect the cargo in the Ford Ecosport but the guy delivering the tiles told him that the SUV won’t be able to take so much load and that Piyush should hire a small truck instead. However, Piyush then decided to transport the load in two instalments but went on to load the entire 600 kg in one go. He, then, along with his friend drove to the destination ‘without any problem.’ Not surprisingly, he’s all praise for the strong suspension and how the tyre didn’t touch the body in spite of the great load. Eve we’re quite surprised by how the SUV seems to have carried so much weight.

For the record, the Ford Ecosport has a maximum payload capacity of 472 kg. Add at least another 120 kg of weight from the occupants to the 600 kg cargo weight, and you’re looking at more than 1.5 times of maximum capacity. Yet, in spite of the excess load, the B-SUV seems to have managed to have successfully transported the cargo to the destination. But in case you’re planning to do something of the same sort with your vehicle, we’ll advise completely against it. Carry load way over the maximum capacity can lead to permanent damage to the vehicle’s suspension system. While one might not see the effects of this immediately, the increased wear and tear is sure to lead to pre-mature failure of the suspension system.

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Surely, Piyush has surely saved on the cost of hiring a delivery truck for this shipment but the damage this stunt would have caused to his car’s suspension system could cost a lot more to repair. Other than damaging the suspension, carrying an excess load can even lead to damage to the tires. Moreover, with an excess load on the rear suspension, even the handling characteristics of the vehicle can get affected. Once again, we’re happy to note that the Ford Ecosport in question here successfully shipped the cargo without any apparent damage to its suspension but is this something we would recommend? CERTAINLY NOT!