Here’s A 6X6 Tata Safari Limousine That Will Blow Your Mind!

This old Tata Safari has been modified crazily and is now running on 6 wheels and a longer body as well.

The craze and trend of limousines and 6X6s is not that well in India. While both of them may have a crazy fan following in the foreign markets, most of the Indians have not even heard about the latter. Here’s one example which is basically a limousine and a 6X6 as well. Check out this modified Tata Safari limousine.

As you can see, the car has been crazily modified and does not look that good. The engineering of the car has been completely changed so as to accommodate the rear two tyres. The wheelbase has been increased and extra metal sheets have been fused towards the end of the car as to make it bigger. Definitely, the car is more than 5.5 metres long.

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Further, you can see that with this modification, this Tata Safari is a three-row car now. On the last row, you can easily seat 4 people, making this Safari a 9-seater. Further, the owner has modified its drivetrain and this Safari is now a 6X6. That means the system allows the power to be supplied to all the six wheels, individually.

Cosmetic modifications include aftermarket 16-inch alloy wheels, LED flood lights on the roof, roof carriers a couple of decals on the side. While the modification is very unique, it is not advisable. All these modifications affect the life of the car, damaging the components by a huge extent.

Because of these modifications, the suspension will be completely damaged. The owner cannot drive it at high speeds and cannot even take it off-roading. This Safari looks like the Dicor Edition which was available in the late 2000s and starting of 2010. It came with a 2.2 Litre turbo diesel engine which produced 140 PS and 320 Nm of peak torque,