Watch John Cena Take Delivery of His Custom ’69 MG

Featured ยป Watch John Cena Take Delivery of His Custom ’69 MG

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Some prominent aftermarket car modification houses are incredibly talented and end up doing some extraordinary work as seen in this case.

John Cena’s beloved MG C has been beautifully restored by Texas Metal car shop. The reaction of the former wrestler informs just how happy he is with the final product. John Cena is one of the biggest names in WWE. With such ardent fans, he made his move to Hollywood and got great parts in successful movies. Hence, it would be fair to say that he has achieved great success in many fields and has become a global superstar. He is also an avid automobile lover which is why he has a classic MG C which he wanted to get modified.

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Custom MG C for John Cena

The video has been uploaded by the MotorTrend channel on YouTube. It shows John Cena approaching the car modification house to get his MG C customized. It is an old model from the 1960s representing motorsport and racing DNA. This is the beloved possession of the actor. He brings it to the car shop to get a unique version of the MG C. The aim was to retain its retro and timeless silhouette and features but add some modern and contemporary aesthetics and practicality.

First of all, the modification house decided to paint it in a light blue colour signifying the racing cars from the 1960s with orange accents to make it a bit more modern. The entire body of the car has been stripped down to make mechanical changes in order to liberate more room inside the cabin to accommodate the large frame of the wrestler. Then there are tons of changes to the upholstery which is also finished in premium material in light blue colour with orange strips. John specifically wanted to keep the trademark gear selector which had MG inscribed in it.

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Best Modified MG C Cars Ever!

When the entire process was completed, the video captures John’s reaction as the car was being driven out to him. As evident from his face, he was floored to see the final outcome and called it the best-looking MG in the world. He loved that the suspension and the engine have been replaced to make the car perform and ride better. The exhaust note is now super sporty and aggressive. All in all, this has to be among the best modified MG C cars in the world and John Cena is the proud owner of it.

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