Keyless Entry And Push Button Start/Stop – Pros And Cons

Almost every modern car comes with features like keyless entry and push-button start/stop function. Excluding the absolute entry-level cars, customers expect these conveniences in cars of every segment. There are plenty of good reasons why cars should have these features and a couple of reasons why they should not. In this post, we shall discuss these factors in detail to make you aware of the comforts associated with these features and as well as some issues. So, let us dive into this.

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Keyless Entry Push Button
Start and stop buttons

Keyless Entry, Push Button Start/Stop

As the name suggests, the keyless entry feature is designed to enable entry into the car without having to insert the key manually to unlock the door. Previously, one would need to insert the key and then open other locks for the passengers. As one would imagine, it was not the most convenient thing to do. Keyless entry allows you to unlock all four doors with a press of a button. Then, after entering the car, you don’t need to insert the key to start the ignition. You can keep your key in the pocket and start or stop the car with a press of a button. These things allow car owners to exercise comfort like never before.

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Another advantage of having these features is the boot trunk operation. Many times, you must’ve found yourself with a big load of carry-bags in your hands after shopping. When you reach the car, you had to keep them down, enter the car and unlock the boot from inside or with the key. Now, as soon as you reach the car or unlock it remotely, the trunk of the car is also unlocked, which makes it mega-convenient.

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Thirdly, the modern keys come with an authentication ID which is read by your car’s computer and only then will the car unlock to start. This is a great solution to prevent theft incidents since the car will not drive until the correct key is present inside the car and read by the computer. With so many theft incidents happening all the time, this is a much more secure way to avoid such scenarios.

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While there are many advantages to the keyless entry and push-button start/stop function, there are a few disadvantages too. For instance, the cost of this technology is high and is added to the initial cost of purchase of the vehicle. Also, if this gets damaged or needs replacement, the cost of repair, service or changing the parts are expensive and time-consuming. If it is not functioning for some reason, you won’t be able to take it to the mechanic because the car won’t drive without the key. Whereas, with traditional keys, you just have to make a new key.

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Also, many hackers can program a new key and connect it with your computer which can recognize the key. This will allow the person to unlock and drive the car without the car’s computer noticing it. These are some of the downsides of technology because most people will not understand this side of technology. However, if one takes care of such things, having such features is only a good thing.

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