This Nissan Jonga is Actually a Mahindra Bolero Modified Beyond Recognition

The internet is quite impressed with Nissan Jonga. Now, a new Mahindra Bolero turned Nissan Jonga 1 Ton has surfaced online.

Nissan Jonga is a military vehicle that can take can handle the toughest terrains. In recent years, it has made a comeback in public memory. Even MS Dhoni has been seen with a restored Nissan Jonga 1 Ton. Car enthusiasts are always coming up with new iterations and modifications. Automobile designers are now using various modern techniques to improve the final results. Now, once such mechanic has skillfully modified the Mahindra Bolero into Nissan Jonga 1 Ton. Let’s take a closer look!

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Mahindra Bolero Skillfully Modified to Nissan Jonga 1 Ton
Mahindra Bolero Skillfully Modified to Nissan Jonga 1 Ton

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As you can see in the images above, this Jonga 1 Ton is finished in a bright shade of earth color. It retains its retro charm. However, you can see several modern upgrades as well. The new Nissan Jonga 1 comes with round LED headlights, 17-inch steel wheels, and an electric winch for some hardcore off-roading. On the back, you can see a horizontally-mounted spare wheel, a tool kit, and a jerry. There are also large side steps to enter the high-set cabin. Overall, the new Nissan Jonga 1 Ton looks quite tough and ready for offroading. Tell us what you think of the new modification job.

The Nissan Jonga is a special vehicle due to its heritage. It also comes with impressive looks and capabilities. It was originally built by the Indian Army in the 1960s (based on Nissan’s global SUV called the Patrol 60). The sturdy vehicle was initially designed for the Japanese government (military, police, firefighters, health workers, etc). The first-gen 4W60 model was later offered to the general public worldwide. The Indian model was manufactured at Jabalpur Ordnance And Guncarriage Assembly (JONGA).

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mahindra bolero modified to nissan jonga
Mahindra Bolero modified to Nissan Jonga 1 Ton

On the other hand, the Mahindra Bolero is also known for its good build quality. The Bolero Neo was launched as an upgraded version of the old Bolero SUV. It is powered by a 1.5-liter mHawk diesel engine that offers 100 hp and 260 Nm of peak power and torque, respectively. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The ladder-frame SUV also features a rear-wheel-drive system and multi-terrain technology. The Mahindra Bolero Neo comes with a starting price of Rs 8.48 lakh for the N4 trim (ex-showroom). The top-end variant (N10 trim) comes at Rs 10.69 lakh (ex-showroom).

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