Mahindra Thar (NCAP – 4-star) Jumps Divider and Hits MG Hector (NCAP – NA)

Mahindra Thar may well be a capable off-roader but that doesn’t warrant people to drive on dividers on the road like this driver did.

Mahindra Thar has, unintentionally, performed a side-impact crash test on the MG Hector. The video shows the two SUVs after the impact. Thar has a GNCAP safety rating of 4 stars, while Hector has not been crash-tested yet. Despite that, it has performed well in some unfortunate scenarios as mentioned by the YouTuber. Let us see what happens when these two SUVs clash, quite literally.

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Mahindra Thar Tests Safety of MG Hector

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He posts such content to raise awareness among Indian car buyers regarding the importance of buying cars with high GNCAP ratings. This particular incident has been reported from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. As per the information in the video, the driver of the Thar was trying to perform stunts by driving his SUV on the divider. That is when it encountered an MG Hector in front and ended up hitting it from the side. Because of his stunts, he lost control of his SUV.

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Since the Thar hit the Hector head-first, its airbags were deployed. There is some damage to the front profile of the Thar including the bumper and bonnet. On the other hand, Hector was hit on the side but still absorbed the impact quite well. It didn’t let the damage seep through to the cabin. Thankfully, no one was injured in this event. This is yet another instance where an MG SUV has performed well putting an end to the conclusions that people drew about it being a Chinese car with the poor build quality.

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mahindra thar hits mg hector bhopal
A Mahindra Thar trying to stunt on a divider ended up hitting a MG Hector in Bhopal.

Finally, we would like to advise our readers to not violate traffic rules and ensure that you drive within the speed limit. Overspeeding continues to be the top reason why so many lives are lost on our roads every year. Indian roads are infamous for being unpredictable. Hence, driving slowly is the sole way that you could retain control in any situation so that you are able to tackle any stupid drivers or animals appearing on the road suddenly. Stay safe and promote road safety.

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