Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant Strike Continues To Cause Production Losses


Issues Between the management of Maruti Suzuki and their workers are still not resolved which has taken the ongoing strike to enter in the 11th day. This ongoing strike at the Manesar plant has cost the production loss of approximately 9000 cars which is a big revenue loss. Maruti Suzuki have agreed to the workers demand by accepting the new union and agreeing on taking back the five laid off workers but protestors are still not ready to negotiate with the management.


Haryana labour commission is not in favour to see the new union being formed. To support Maruti workers, tomorrow more than 50 unions from Gurgaon-Manesar belt will  be going on a 2 hour tool down strike. Approximately 50,000 workers will not be working for 2 hours to stand in support to the workers of Maruti Suzuki Manesar unit. It seems this strike will stay on till the demand to take back all dismissed workers by Maruti Suzuki management and new commission by Haryana labour commission will not be fulfilled.

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