Maruti Suzuki Smartphone App For Service Reminder And Information

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car maker has put another step forward in the consumer delight. The Indian giant is now trying to introduce a new base of service which will be going to host the consumers. In this introduction Maruti Suzuki India Limited will be going to launch an android based application, which will be Maruti Suzuki smartphone app on its service centers and workshops.

This new soft avatar has been introduced just to add more smiles to consumers by helping them when they walk in the service centers with their expensive cars. Maruti is going to launch this application full fledged in order to reduce the service time and add the service perfections. This is such an application which is going to be the best and works on an android based tablet, which would be allotted by Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The system would be connected through the company’s dealer management system and will host on a private cloud. The service orders, writing feedback clicking the dented or scratched images of the under serviced cars can also be recorded and after that the record will move on to Maruti’s private cloud. This way the data would be secured and stored in an effective way.

Maruti Suzuki Smartphone App

We think as by introducing these kinds of tablets and software systems a technological service aspect is getting stronger for the Indian consumers. Maruti has taken forward the first step with such a revolution and thus to give the accurate and improved service to the two million cars can be easy across all the service outlets and nation as well.  Soon company is going to distribute the tablets in their outlets but as for the check only 250 tablets would be experimented in order to start the service.

The light has thrown on the idea further by Rajesh Uppal.  He is the Executive Director, IT and CIO of Maruti, and stated that “With the use of the android-based application through handheld devices, we are expecting to cut down the service initiation time drastically as compared to the manual process. This will also help us in improving the service quality and reducing the waiting time of the customers significantly and our technology roadmap is primarily driven by the business requirements. As we scale up our business, we are looking at increasing our focus on emerging areas like predictive analysis and business intelligence among others”

Maruti India is the first to adopt such type of technology and will be going to successful sooner as there is already a soft service which has been running successfully by Maruti in its outlets. This service also maintains the booking, retail sales, enquires and customer behavior.

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