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Mercedes, Ford and Renault-Nissan Join Hands To Develop Fuel Cell Technology

Technology, this is what one can easily see these days regarding everything. It has changed the fate of the globe. Technology is used in everything but let’s just talk about automobile industry. We would like to interest masses that it is very ancient aspect of human being’s life. Furthermore we would like to throw a light on past technical aspects since when man started his lifecycle. The ancient man started with wheels and now with the upgradation of technical aspects one can easily see what masses are up to in automobile industry.

The invention of wheel changed everything slowly and gradually. The science and innovative techniques crafted everything so decently that nowadays it is a child’s play to talk and dream about new inventions. Predictably petroleum was invented at around four thousand years ago. Masses know that we have lot of categories in petroleum the commonly known and associated by automobile industry are Petrol and diesel respectively.

Electric Car

Discussing further about a combination of wheels and auto science one can know that it resulted into vehicle development. When petrol technological vehicles got a hit people started looking forward to diesel technological vehicles and now when diesel technological vehicles started getting a hit too then masses have no option to look at.  But as we said that science is crafting changes and so a new engineered Idea known as “FCE’ is about to approach the globe. The FCE is “Fuel Cell Energy”.

God knows how much auto world can be changed by motor experts but we would like to interest one that this would be again a game changer. The biggest auto making brands- Mercedes, Ford and Renault Nissan has joined hands together for the further development of “FCE”. The brands will be working on fuel cell heaps and fuel cell system respectively. Predictably the brands are looking forward to develop certain (FCEV’s) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in the year 2017. The Toyota and BMW recently joint hands together too for the bit identical process cars which will be known as “Hydrogen fuel cell Technological” cars. The upcoming FCEV’s would be more powerful and efficient than today’s battery driven cars. The electricity for the FCEV would be produced on board. The vehicle will carry the “fuel cell stack” where the electricity will be generated followed by an electro-chemical reaction between hydrogen which would be stored in a purposeful designed and high pressured tank in the car itself. The electricity further takes oxygen from the air. The resulted products would be water vapor and heat.