Modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 from ZARS Customs

We take a look at a modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 from ZARS Customs

There’s no denying that our country’s bike industry has come a really long way in the last few years. Not very long ago, there was a time when the Hero Karizma used to be the only performance-oriented bike an average bloke could aspire to bring home. Fast forward to the current times and we have some really tasty models, such as the KTM RC200, Honda CBR250R, Bajaj Pulsar 200NS and other such products, which are not only officially on sale in India but also offer a good amalgam of performance, fuel economy and affordability.  There’s also no denying that the advent of models such as the Royal Enfield Continental GT has given a boost to the demand for such retro-styled models in India’s bike market. However, the very fact that most of us bike aficionados end up settling for streetnaked and faired models can’t be ignored. Also, there has been a growing demand for customized bikes. This is exactly where ZARS Customs steps in and seen here on this page are details and images of a modified Bajaj Pulsar 200.


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The creators of this bike, Zars Customs & Design, are based out of Mumbai and have customized many street bikes in the past. This modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 that you see in the handful of images we’ve got with us here, comes across as a rather brave attempt by its creators to give a futuristic edge to streetnaked styling. This modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 features following additions –

  • Front WP Suspension
  • New Alloy Wheels
  • Floating-type saddle
  • New Rear-View Mirrors
  • Free Flow Exhaust
  • New Headlamp
  • Monoshock Rear Suspension
  • New Body Panels

Talking about his workshop and this creation, Zunbir Sharif, owner, ZARS Customs & Design, said,”Modifications and design changes on smaller cc motorcycles is real challenging since it has less weight and power abilities and further the length is smaller. I have a workshop known as ZARS customs And designs for sports bikes and scooters. Due to certain occurrence of some events in my life I started with my childhood passion of designing. I started with Pulsar 200 ,reason for selection for this bike was the scope for design changes on this bike is high and it has some power too.I hired some place in a local three wheeler workshop on rent and started working on my machine.It took three months for me to complete, since I had no prior experience in MODIFICATION.But I would rather call it as Redesign or Remodel. I started with editing on existing image of Pulsar 200 on my cellphone with the help of a software known as sketchbook pro, it is easy and gives results.After showing the edited image to my friends and some approvals from them I started . The cost of this modification is approximately 70k with rents and other expenditures over the period.”


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