Launch Of Rebadged Nissan Duster In India Soon


If all goes according to the Japanese, then soon we will get to see the very successful Renault Duster running on the roads under the badge name of Nissan. Before now only Renault has borrowed cars like Micra and Sunny from Nissan and launched them with minor changes under their badge as Pulse and Scala respectively. Apparently, by end of 2013 the immensely successful Renault Duster will wear the Nissan badge.

While addressing an interview Nissan’s executive Vice President Mr. Colin Dodge said “We’ve got quite a differentiated car and the differences are far more significant than on the V-platform products (Micra/Pulse and Sunny/Scala). The hood and the fenders have differences and the bumpers are different too. But it’s more than just a bumpers and grille change for sure,” Well, after this confident statement it will definitely be exciting to see how the Nissan Duster will look like.

Nissan's Duster Based Compact SUV Confirmed

This is not the first time Nissan has spoke about a re-badged Duster with Nissan branding. In past, in September 2012, there were some news received about Nissan’s Duster. With repeated reaffirmation of the this rebadged compact SUV, it is quite evident that the internal preparations might already underway for this launch.

Nissan's Duster Based Compact SUV Confirmed

According to the sales graph Nissan is more powerful in the Indian market then Renault. More likely Nissan will keep its Duster’s price low as compared to the Renault and thus could outperform Renault. Renault could holdup this division of Duster with Nissan until 2014. Because Duster granted Renault a face in the Indian market and since its launch it has shown tremendous success here to the company. So obviously Renault would never want to be interrupted in its further increase of sales and fame.

via- IAB