Nissan Magnite NCAP Rating Highlighted Through This Accident!

This video highlights the safety rating of the Nissan Magnite. One can be assured that he is not compromising his/her safety while driving the most affordable compact SUV in the country. Nissan Magnite shot to fame immediately after its launch at the end of 2021. The aggressive pricing caught the attention of new potential buyers. As a matter of fact, Nissan aimed at pulling the customers who were looking for new cars from across the segment. Magnite offered a great alternative for people looking for sedans and premium hatchbacks. The trend of the SUVs has ensured that it sold a healthy number of units every month since its launch. This video posted on YouTube narrates an unfortunate incident of a collision but also tells the status of Magnite’s safety.

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Nissan Magnite Safety Rating

Nissan Magnite has secured a 4-star safety rating at the ASEAN NCAP safety tests in 2020. This is quite a respectable score in the safety world. According to the test results, Magnite was able to achieve 39.02 points for the Adult Occupant Protection, 16.31 points for the Child Occupant Protection and 15.28 points for the Safety Assist Category. The cumulative score reached 70.60 points rendering Nisan Magnite a solid 4-star safety rating. The model tested had two Airbags, Electronic Stability Control and a Seatbelt Reminder system for both frontal occupants across all its variants. Also, standard fitments include ISOFIX child seat mounts and top tether. A healthy overall score in all tests gives great confidence to the buyers of Magnite.

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Nissan Magnite Accident

The video is captured somewhere in the mountain region. The blue-coloured Nissan Magnite is seen damaged from the right side. It is not clear how this set of events transpired but it can be safely assumed that one of the two cars involved in the accident must’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road. This is a common reason for accidents in hilly areas of the country. The impact took out the right side of the compact SUV. However, there are no signs of impact reaching either the inside of the cabin or the side pillars. This represents the build quality of the body and how well it can transfer the load to the outside of the vehicle. This is a great sign for any car to have. The airbags had also been deployed adequately and no injuries were sustained to the occupants of the Magnite. However, quite some damage was done to the headlamp cluster, bumpers, fenders, etc on the right side (driver side).

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