Tata Nexon Drives into Bus to Save Cow on Road- SHOCKING Results

We have seen, time and again, how well the Nexon is able to translate its 5-star safety rating into real-life predicaments.

In this latest accident between a Tata Nexon and a bus, the impressive build quality of the compact SUV has made itself apparent, yet again. Nexon boasts of a full 5-star safety rating at the GNCAP. That has resulted in Nexon experiencing massive sales for years now. It has become a prominent product and its electric counterparts, the Nexon EV and Nexon EV Max have been the highest-selling EVs in the country by a mile. Its safety rating, bold looks and modern features have resulted in its massive popularity. Let us check out how well it performed in this crash with the bus.

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Tata Nexon vs Bus Accident

The video clip has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. He regularly posts such content in order to raise awareness among Indian car buyers regarding the importance of safety ratings in cars. This particular incident has been reported from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. As per the information in the video, there was a calf on the road and the driver of the Nexon and the bus got baffled. In order to save it, they both ended up colliding with one another. The result is visible in the visuals.

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The front end of the Nexon has been deformed including the headlights, bumper, bonnet and side fender. However, the side pillars absorbed the impact and didn’t let the damage seep through into the cabin. As a result, no one was gravely injured in this horrible-looking crash. On the other hand, the bus also belongs to Tata Motors. Its front bumper is broken and there is a dent on the front profile. Apart from that, everything looks fine. This incident again highlights the rugged build quality of the Nexon.

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Finally, we would like to advise our readers not to drive fast on the roads. Overspeeding continues to be the major cause of road accidents in our country. Events like these show what could happen if we drive fast as there is less time to respond to such threats. Make sure to follow traffic rules and drive within the speed limit.

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tata nexon accident with bus
Tata Nexon accident with bus.

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