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Volvo Sales Grew by 150% In 2012–Ambitious Plans For Coming Years

The auto market is one of the hottest markets in India. These days every brand maker is looking forward to India. Every day we see a lot of new technologies launching at global level. The Technology has changed the industry and set it on fire. Indian as well as international automakers steeped in more into making and providing of different and updated cars. Another big brand created a history quietly. The brand is Volvo cars auto India.

The Swedish beauties Volvo cars have done awesome hijacking of masses heart and soul. The report is this that the somber of the sun last year 2012 gave the hike and made Volvo cars auto India a fastest growing brand in India. Company recorded a growth of 150% in sales as the group sold at around 821 cars in the year 2012. The Company sold at around 340 cars in the year 2011. A good boom has been recorded by the group in the sales of the company and which will be going to continue in 2013.

Volvo Sales Up in 2012

The targeted sales percentage figures for the company in 2013 for sales is at around 35% by hitting predictably 1100 units round the year. Speaking on the occasion, Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Volvo Auto India said, “A growth of 150% in sales figures was possible only because of strategic associations Volvo had last year. The expansion of our dealer network signals the importance of the Indian market to Volvo Cars. We believe that India holds tremendous potential for our brand and want to make sure that we fully capitalize on the opportunities available while at the same time providing the best possible services for our customers at the best value at the most competitive prices.” In 2013 Volvo Auto India will continue its expansion in dealer network starting with Kolkata.