12 Easy Tips To Increase Your Car Mileage


In the days of ever rising fuel prices, the fuel bills are digging deep into the pockets of a common man. I’m going to share some practices which can get you more miles out of your fuel by increasing the fuel average or fuel mileage of your car.

Tips To Increase Your Car Mileage

Tip 1: Do not accelerate too hard

Too quick acceleration consumes too much fuel, accelerate slowly and gradually. That will save quite a significant amount of fuel in city driving.

Tip 2: Do not use clutch too much

If you use a manual transmission car, as is mostly used by people in India, do-not drive with clutch pressed, or simply speaking, use clutch only when required. Too much unncessary usage of clutch will waste a lot of fuel.

Tip 3: Change gears appropriately

This is also applicable for manual transmission cars. Use correct gears at correct speeds, this will help save the fuel. For correct speeds to optimize fuel mileage, see your car’s user manual.

Tip 4: No Excuses to delay car service

Get the car serviced as per manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This will ensure good health of engine, less maintenance due to break-down.

Tip 5: Do you drive in dusty environment? Clean the Air-filter

If you drive in dusty environment the air-filter gets filled with dust and makes the engine suffocated. Clean the air-filter more often than the service schedule( sayย  every 5000 KM or so) , this will help the engine run more easy and consume less fuel. Trust me, its going to really help.

Tip 6: Red-Signal Ahead? Put the feet off the accelerator

If you are sure that you got to stop after next 100 or 200 meters due to a red signal, keep your feet off the accelerator and car will slow down on engine’s resistance, saving on fuel as well as the brake shoes, apply brakes only when about to stop. This is a great help to save that extra drop of fuel.

Tip 7: Air Pressure in tyres

Get the air-pressure in tyres up to the recommended pressure, and check it once at least in 15 days, it helps the car run smooth and drink less fuel.

Tip 8: Try to keep a constant max speed

When driving in a city or highway, try to maintain a constant speed, that will help the engine put less effort to accelerate or decelerate unnecessarily. This will help reduce fuel consumption.

Tip 9: Keep the window’s glass rolled up on highways

Driving with AC on and glasses rolled up will actually help the car move easy because when windows are open, the car faces more air-drag due to cross ventilation through car, thus consuming more fuel. So always try to keep windows rolled up especially when driving at high speeds.

Tip 10: Buy fuel during morning hours

Buying fuel during morning hours makes sense, because the fuel is a liquid and cools during night hours as temperature is low, and it becomes more dense, so in night hours, you get more weight of fuel for same litres, so it’s like a bargain in fuel amount ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip 11: Re-fuel your car when tank is close to half

This will help reduce the vapors formation in tank, which moves out as you open the lid to re-fuel, thus saving some amount of fuel in the tank.

Tip 12: Clean up the crap from the boot-space

Remove any un-necessary luggage or stuff that you don’t need from back space, that will let the car feel light and run easy on less fuel. Save fuel, burn it less, save economy and environment both, for a greener and cleaner tomorrow.ย Also try to follow a car pool if you are traveling to office or college, that is fun to be with some friends and it reduces traveling boredom too ๐Ÿ™‚

We hope you found these tips to increase your car mileage easy to follow. Do share it youHappy saving!


  1. Really informative stuff… especially for people like me, having to drive arnd 1000km/month at least….

  2. cool hai yaar… nice gyaan… ๐Ÿ™‚
    but does it make a difference (tip 10)? because if this would have been the case, then there should have been some differences in price of petrol in morning and evening? otherwise are these oil companies bearing losses by selling more petrol by weight in the morning as compared to the evening?

  3. My car’s (WagonR LXi) manual doesn’t specify the max speed for each gear, but it does mention the gear ratios. Can something be made out from them?

  4. @Acitinium

    Well, i don’t think its a good way. Well, as a practical thumb rule, lemme list general speeds for gears:
    First gear : 0 – 15 KMPH
    Second Gear : 10 – 25 KMPH
    Third gear : 20 – 35 KMPH
    Fourth Gear : 30 – 55 KMPH
    Fifth Gear : 50 and above

    Above speeds are good in general conditions, there is an overlap, which is OK because its not very accurate, its an approximate value. It also depends on how loaded your car is. And also for low end cars with only 4 manual gears, the firth gear is not applicable. The funda is not to rev the engine too much, too quickly, it should run gradual and smooth, thus consuming less fuel. You wanna know more? Please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. another thing reg pt. 10. i ws thinking abt validity of d argument. i think in cars with fuel injection, there must a mechanism which “measures” d fuel to b injected in d cylinders. though i’m not very sure, but somehow i doubt if this measurement is done on weight rather than volume of the fuel…in which case d argument becomes a bit weak. vat say u?

  6. @acitinium
    The mechanism that measures the fuel to be injected is based on a closed loop control system which operated on several inputs like pressure on intake side of the cylinder, temperature of the engine, percentage of oxygen in the exhaust gases and crank shaft speed sensor etc. All these inputs will be processed by the car’s computer which then decides for how much time to open the injector’s nozzles. Basically, the injectors are controlled by a solenoid valve which operated the opening on the injector’s nozzles which spray fuel on the intake side of the engine. The amount of time for which injector will operate is determined by the ECU (engine control unit) or the processor, and not the amount in terms of weight or volume. Also the fuel is pressurized to make it spray well.

    So from fuel tank, the fuel goes to a fuel pump, that will pressurize the fuel in liquid form only, from pump, it will go to all injectors through same fluid channel (fuel rail/ or pipe), these injectors will open for a small time duration calculated by ECU and the engine will keep measuring all the input parameters i mentioned above, and does real-time calculations, and also uses some data, called mapping called ECU mapping, which is like a guide to the engine telling that on what amount of time to use for injecting fuel under particular input situations ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think i need to brush up my MPFI / CDRI fundas. Hey good idea, let me study them and write a post on them.

  7. Good tips although Tip #10 has been talked about and argued for years. A lot of good points have come up, 1 being the fuel is kept in tanks DEEP in the ground, where fuel keeps a mostly constant temperature. 2 the pumps know how much is being pumped regardless of temperature. I’ve read from a few guys that have worked on them and tell me this tip is a myth and their pumps are smarter then that.

    BUT I’m not gonna cite any of this cuz it’s not worth my time, but just use common sense.

    TIP #9 was done on the show MYTHBUSTERS, go google the results

    Still good tips though, good job

  8. Good tips Rohit. On a lighter note, I’ve always wondered what would have happen if I get a full tank at night and then don’t drive and wait till noon? Fuel tank explosions, anyone? ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. @shantanu
    Well, could have happened if fule expanded 1000% in volume overnight ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But it does only a few % , enough to save some pennies, but not enough for a nice explosion ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi, I have a query for auto-enthusiasts here. I drive a manual transmission car (M800) with MPFI. Iam getting an average of 16 KM/Litre in Bangalore city. Iam in the habit of shifting gear for slowing the vehicle say from 80 to 60 then to 40, using engine as break.
    Is this correct way of slowing down? What is the impact on milage? When I shift gear, will the injector suck more fuel? Is so, how much or by what % is the increase in fuel consumption ?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. @suresh

    u mentioned that its an MPFI, and that makes all the difference. engine braking does not gulp fuel, rather its fine. But doing that with a carburetor engine, it is costly affair. So u can do it without worrying about fuel consumption if u drive an MPFI, because the engine knows that it is not accelerating, so it will not put any extra fuel to burn while engine braking.

  12. How about the idea to shift higher gear (4 or 5) to directly neutral when u see stop is invitable at red light and car will stop slowely. This way u avoid many gear shift by pressing clutch.

  13. if tip 10 is correct then it means a vehicle consume more weight (same volume) of fuel in morning and less weight (same volume) in evening.

  14. Hi,
    Earlier i had posted a query and got good reply. I need to know something about driving i10 Kappa vs Maruti 800 MPFI. I drive in B’lore city and getting an mileage average of 12 KM/Litre. I have done about 3K KM. My question is when i depress the clutch say in 2nd or 3rd gear, the engine seems to rev up. Why does this happen ? I had not observed it in M800. Am i missing something and is the mileage ?
    Thanks in advance,

  15. Hi,
    Earlier i had posted a query and got good reply. I need to know something about driving i10 Kappa vs Maruti 800 MPFI. I drive i10 in Bโ€™lore city and mileage is about 12 KM/Litre. I have done about 3K KM. My question is when i depress the clutch say in 2nd or 3rd gear, the engine seems to rev up. Why does this happen ? I had not observed it in M800. Am i missing something and is the mileage OK?

    Thanks in advance

  16. @Shantanu @Suresh
    I also drive an i10 but it has a 1.1 Litre iRDE engine. I don’t observe a significant rev up, however I do observe a mild rev. There may be two reasons for it :
    1. The kind of rotating parts which the i10 engine has (mainly the heavy parts like the crank shaft and other rotating mass), maybe significantly heavier than compared to compact engine of Maruti 800, so on depressing clutch pedal releases the load of rotating wheels from the heavy rotating parts and due to the momentum and energy contained it it, it accelerates in rotational speed which maybe causing the rev up. This is beneficial in a way that it works as a natural miniature KERS system (read this for KERS – http://www.carblogindia.com/what-is-kers-kinetic-energy-recovery-system/ ), so when u release the clutch again, you don’t feel much of a jerk or dip in speed as you feel with Maruti 800.

    2. The most likely reason is also the ECU tuning. ECU is the microprocessor which controls the engine and its tuned differently for each car depending on car’s weight, performance and other handling characteristics. ECU tuning (also known as ECU mapping) determines how your engine will respond under various load, speed and temperature conditions, so this rev up maybe a feature rather than a bug, so that when you switch to next gear, there is no significant dip in speed when you release the clutch. If you find it troublesome, you can ask service center guys to check whether your engine’s tuning is ok or not, its a part of the service anyways.

    I hope I answer your query, please feel free to ask more if you have doubts.

  17. my santro xing erlx Lpg model has an average of 10km/L …..

    example :- fuel cost gas 32.75/L

    in 100rupess i have got 3.06L,

    In 3.06L car idiling(start) only 1n 30km with no Ac
    26.6km with AC

    there are standerd milage when idiling

    that have not any condition of tyre pressure

    –> this condition check after service (fresh airfilter & servo oil)

    if u have any quary ask…me at anshulshrivastava3@gmail.com

    but before my question is that the people ask me a kitchen gas ive a

    better average then petrol pump gas ???????

  18. My Esteem 2007 has a problem it starts wel but when i accelerate it will make some cracking sounds

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  20. i have got a good tips that to refuel in morning hours or at night i ll follow the same


    Friends my ride is Wagon r 2010 model and follow this if you need better mileage for your car.

    1st Gear – 10-15km/hr

    2nd Gear – 15-20km/hr

    3rd Gear – 20-30km/hr

    4th Gear – 30-40km/hr

    5th Gear – 40-60km/hr

    While driving try to keep the speed constant between 50-60km/hr if possible.This range offers better fuel efficiency.

  22. Hi @mathew
    while the information you shared is correct in most cases, but these speeds vary slightly based on different cars as gear ratios are different.

  23. […] 12 Easy To Follow Tips To Increase Your Carโ€™s Mileage window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: "111290745591278", status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement("script"); e.async = true; e.src = document.location.protocol + "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js"; document.getElementById("fb-root").appendChild(e); }()); […]

  24. @rohit
    Will there be any change in fuel consumption if i switch the level of blower speed or fan of AC ?

  25. ideally it won’t make any difference, it only puts some additional load on car battery which does get charged from engine’s power only, but the change is negligible.

  26. hey i have some queries about how to increase my car ALTO mileage. its just 1yr old. i hav serviced it jst 3 mnths back.i dont even get a mileage of 10kmpl on highways. pls need some help. here are my driving techniques.
    1. i give full accelerator aftr evry gear shift.
    2. i use AC and music system continously full time for abt 1 hr in long trips.
    3. on highways i drive at speeds of 80-100 and city ma 40-60
    4. i only use clutch fr gear shifts , nt unecessariy.
    5. i hav to change gears frequently as der r potholes even on highways nowadays.
    6. tyres are checked properly frm time to time
    pls suggest some techniques wher i can make changes & increase d car mileage.does using AC & music system make a diff.also my habit of givin full acc aftr evry gear shift , is it bad? also my car doesnt hav a gud pickup, aftr gear shifts it takes long time to gain speed.pls reply asap.

  27. sir,u r a very intelligent person i m sure of that,another thing is that i exactly think same things bt u have given more points THNX i have a maruti 800(1995) and u vil nt believe its mileage touches sky. u know when i see a toll plaza sign before 1 km i put my car to neutral and it just reach there easily if speed is even 40km AND MANY THINGS LIKE THAT



  28. I got an i10 auto one month back, wanted an auto transmission for a long time… was waiting to enjoy the city drive… No doubt the drive is amazing I am really enjoying . but the downside is the car is giving only 6 to 7 kms mileage in city , haven’t tried highway…
    All the tips have been tried still same mileage … Called the service people -got to hear from them all cars gives low mileage first 2000 kms .. is it true or suggest any else to be done.

  29. @Satish
    For first few months, the engine does give slightly less value. After 1st service or second service, the mileage should improve. Also try to be easy on accelerator pedal while driving, it will improve the mileage.

  30. sir maintain your car daily and personally…speed max 110 highway
    60 city ..the abovesaid tips are very essential for car raiders….

    have a nice safety,softy, and intelligent journey……vedaaaa

  31. no discussion on air pressure in tires, I read on one blog tht a little over air pressure makes difference in avg. is it true?

    Dhanesh Mane

  32. i have a alto lxi 2007 model. it gives near about only 10km/l with ac in local city … how to improve avg..

  33. Hello Neeraj,

    You should not ‘ride’ the clutch while driving. It is a common habit among many drivers that while they are coming up to a red light or going down a slope they depress the clutch to disengage the gear and let the engine idle. This practice wastes more fuel; in modern cars the ECU monitors the way the car is moving and the driver’s input to regulate the amount of fuel going into the engine. While slowing down in gear (without the clutch depressed), the ECU cut backs on the amount of fuel the engine is being fed. But if you depress the clutch, the ECU commands the engine to go into idle, where a constant flow of fuel is fed to the engine to keep it from stalling. So some fuel used when you are slowing down Vs. a lot of fuel used when the engine is idling, it is obvious where you would loose more.

    Hope this helped.

    Associate Editor | Car Blog India

  34. if we run the car in neutral when the road has flat or slop and then change into top gear by doing this frequently for up and down roads thus this effect the car

  35. hi..I drive getz prime 1.1
    Recently I changed my clutch plates and my car started giving less mileage.
    I installed those clutch plates at the Hyundai service station.
    I used to get better mileage of around 17 kmpl before, but now its reduced to 10 kmpl.
    Does this mean theres a problem with my new clutch plates? Or
    Did the service station guys did not tune my car properly?

  36. hi i have swift zdi, i have problem that this car mileage only 15 im shocked pls help how can increas mileage in my car

  37. Keeping a leg on the clutch may not reduce mailage… because due clutch play will not reduce mailage .. what is the opinion of others..pl post

  38. Gys when u go to buy fuel u mst say to the fuel refiller that he input the price first then input the nozzle and put his hands away frm fuel pipe as they knw how to cheat with us while filling….
    U hv noted that they always put their hands on fuel pipe…
    They starts filling petrol and we look at the meter in mean time they stop the fuel by pressing the starter in the pipe nozzle but meter does not stops.
    If u go to fuel pump and say to filler to fill 1000rs of petrol it takes 3min 45 sec to fill the petrol.
    Filler takes advantage of us bcoz we see the meter not his hands when he starts filling meter starts and stops untill the input value reaches but filler person stops the filling petrol but meter don’t stops untill the req. Value that person stops filling as how much he wants to take money in his pocket and starts filling again as he do in stopping filling petrol…
    This can also be biggest reason for lesser mileage…

  39. I have Alto 800 cc Car I drive car in slope road Put a N Gear …..I want to know does it effect to reduce fuel consumption ….?

  40. Hii,I m driving Hyundai Grand i10…..often times when I accelerate car doesnt get accelerated and then I have to stop my care n the push accelerater……company claims that it give 19km/L…but actually it gives 12km on highway what is the problem….what is bad with my vehicle….

  41. Hey in advise 9 they said to on ac and car get more milege when ac is off on on ac the car get low milege.

  42. Hi everyone, do we get System G fuel additive nowadays ? I checked with BP bunk and they said, nowadays they don’t sell it because they have Speed petrol at their bunk, which has got fuel additive mixed in it. I am from Mangalore, please let me know if you know any place where I can get System G. Fuel additive helps in engine performance hence better mileage..

  43. Hello! I have purchased used 2008 wagon r, I have a mileage issue with it, actually some users mentioned that they got 14 to 15 kmpl in city and 17 to 18 kmpl on highways. But I don’t get that much of mileage . I say it is 9 to 10 kmpl . It has ddli, mpfi engine is very smooth , overall car is very good but mileage is main concern. Car has already passed 100000 km on odo by previous owner . Please suggest what to do? Thank in advance

  44. I have few questions to get clarity.
    1. Can the gears be put to neutral while driving directly from gear 5 if we want to stop near say toll plaza or apply sudden brake to avoid accident. Will this effect the gears. My worry is it should not be that we try saving fuel and damage the gears.
    2. If vehicle is not driven for 3-4 months will this effect its engine.

  45. Hi im Ranjith im purchesed 2nd car hyundai accent glx i got just 6 kmpl mileage wheel aligment shuld be done tyre hulf condion all tyre’s varieas type size and engine sound very smooth pickup hoosam but very very low mileage how to increse milleage what reason for short mileage how can incresing

  46. Hi,
    I bought a Brand new Hyundai i10 but I am dissatisfied with this car because it runs only 7 to 10 Km in 1 Litre of fuel.Now it is going to be six months. I done 1st free service after 3 months of it but problem remained same.
    Please give me any advice , how to increase its mileage or any problem in it.

  47. Comment: Dear Team, I have Wagon R 2016 model from past two days their is problem related with RPM, that after driving 5-6 km when I parked it in crossing signal or in parking place it RPM automatically goes between 2-3 while it mostly around 0.5.

  48. Dear Team,

    I have Swift VDI 2012 model and from last three months car mileage is only 17.50 KM/L even on highways. I have serviced car recently but still car running with same problem.

    Please help.

  49. The mileage is not really low, but you can replace engine oil and air and oil filters to see if things improve. Also check if the tyre pressure is maintained. Also, try calculating the mileage again after changing the fuel pump.


  50. I am using maruti ertiga vdi, bought 2years ago.. My car mileage is always in between 15-18 i mostly travel in city roads.. Many of my friends who are using ertiga are telling me that their car is giving 20-24.. Do you think is there any problem in my car orelse tell me some tips to drive on city roads to increase my cars mileage

  51. Tips seems to be good most of the mentioned tips inalready following, remaining missed point also I will follow now onwards