Bajaj V15 Gets New Ocean Blue Colour


Bajaj Auto Ltd launched the V15 in India earlier this year. This new Bajaj V15 pays tribute to India’s first-ever aircraft career by using metal from this vessel and also by sporting a marine decal. The Bajaj V15 is priced at INR 61,999 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).  Earlier this month, Bajaj introduced a new colour to the V15 lineup called Heroic Red. Now, it has come to light that BAL has sold over 1,00,000 units of this bike ni the last 120 days of its market presence. You can safely expect us to soon come up with a Bajaj V15 review but for now, you can read on to find more about the Bajaj V15 price in India, mileage, and specs.bajaj v ocean blue images 1

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In May 2016, actor Aamir Khan became a proud owner of the new Bajaj V! Aamir was inspired to buy the V15 when he learnt that this bike contains metal from INS Vikrant.

Aamir Khan with Bajaj V

Aamir’s V boasts of a customized embossing of the initial A on the fuel tank and one-off graphic design of “Chote Lal” affectionately inscribed on the rear seat cowl. The actor was handed over the bike at his residence by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. Talking of his new possession, her said, “The V is a special bike and I wouldn’t compare it with anything else. It has a piece of history ingrained into it. For me it’s a proud moment to own a piece of metal from INS Vikrant which was the military pride of India for decades.”

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Bajaj V15 Price in India

Bajaj V15 Price in India has been kept at INR 61,999 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The Bajaj V aka V15 is positioned between the Discover and the Pulsar lineups in the manufacturer’s product portfolio. Also, the new bike has been positioned pretty far away from the new 2015 Bajaj Avenger 150, which retails for roughly INR 75,000.

Bajaj V15 Price in Delhi INR 61,999 (ex-showroom)
Bajaj V15 Price in Mumbai INR 62,820 (ex-showroom)
Bajaj V15 Price in Chennai INR 63,682 (ex-showroom)
Bajaj V15 Price in Kolkata INR 65,498 (ex-showroom)

Bajaj V15 Walk-around Video Review

Bajaj V15 Specs

Bajaj V15 Price, Pics, Engine

Powering the Bajaj V15 is a single-cylinder, carburetor-equipped 150cc engine. Here are the available specifications-

  • Displacement – 149.5 cc
  • Maximum Power – 12 BHP @ 7,500 RPM
  • Maximum Torque – 13 Nm @ 5,500 RPM
  • Gearbox – 5 Speed Manual
  • Brakes – Front – 240 mm Dics; Rear – 130 mm Drum
  • Tires – Front- 90/90/18; Rear- 120/80/16
  • Suspension – Front- Telescopic Forks, Rear- Twin-Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type, Gas Filled
  • Fuel Tank– 13 Litres

As we said, the V’s body panels are made up of metal extracted from the INS Vikrant. It is being estimated that Bajaj Auto Ltd. has enough raw material from the vessel to produce the V 150cc motorcycle for at least 2 years.

Bajaj V15 Colours

  • Ebony Black
  • Pearl White
  • Heroic Red
  • Ocean Blue (New)


The Bajaj V is on sale in four color options – Ebony Black, Pearl White, Heroic Red and Ocean Blue.

Bajaj V15 Mileage

Bajaj bikes have been long known to deliver a good mix of power and fuel economy, and the new Bajaj V15 is no different in this aspect. Safely expect this bike to have a claimed fuel mileage of more than 55 kmpl.

Bajaj V15 Photos

Bajaj V15 Design


bajaj v15 black red front side 1

The new Bajaj V15 isn’t any ordinary bike. Not only does this bike sport ‘memorabilia’ from the much-celebrated vessel, its design has a retro touch to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The bike comes with a bikini fairing, a curvy seat, a slender fuel tank, and a low-set handlebar. Other design highlights include a removable rear seat cowl, LED tail lamps and twin pilot lamps. The Bajaj V15 is now available in two colour options – White, Black and Red. While the White and Black models feature red decals, the Red colour comes with black decals.

bajaj v15 price - white red rear angle

Bajaj V15 Images

Stay tuned to Car Blog India for a Bajaj V15 test drive review. Also, watch this space for more news on Bajaj V Price, Specs, Mileage, Pics and other details. Also, what do you have to say about the Bajaj V Price and engine specifications? Do let us know by commenting below. Also, stay tuned to Car Blog India for a comprehensive Bajaj V Test Drive Review.

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  1. Bajaj have the habit of withdrawing the production of their newly introduced bike within a year of its release in the market. In 2004 they had advertised the “Bajaj Wind-125” with great fanfare and i still own that bike and use it today in 2016.Bizarrely the production of “Bajaj Wind-125 cc” stopped in 2005 , reasons best known to the manufacturers.Its a excellent bike with a fantastic original “Kawasaki Engine” .With the “Bajaj V 150 cc” the company has scored a marketing blitzkrieg by introducing scrap metal of the scrapped I.N.S Vikrant in the motorcycles chassis.They are also smart to say before hand that they will stop production of this motorcycle after 2 years as they could not procure much scrap metal of the legendary war ship “I.N.S VIKRANT”. Hope spare ancillaries are available for the “Bajaj V 150 cc” once the production is stopped.I find it difficult to get spares for my sentimental “Bajaj wind-125CC” .

  2. Why bajaj company removed the engine on off switch button in left hand side that is much usefull to everyone so pls provide the switch button

  3. The Bajaj V looks good but he headlight spoils over all look of the bike. The round head light is more suitable for this bike. Here the back look of the bike is more classic and in this case the round head is more suitable.

  4. Yes I agree with round neck head light any how I gonna altrate this to real vikranth which symbolies Navy cap . rest all is proud

  5. After overall specs ….v15 has that hunky look but as every one is argueing its head light crushes the classic far as engine is concerned it does not provide bhp competable to other 150cc bikes but yes it provide better torque than other 150 cc bikes…back look is one that is totally futuristic one….thus it is bike for which youngster wil be obessed for.

  6. Bike is looking good but headlights not suitable to this bike. round headlights are better for this bike.

  7. i don,t understand about ” AIR CRAFT CARRIER” meaning, which is declared in advertisement ,is it any technology or some thing others.

  8. only one thing is not good in this bike that is Place of Front NUMBER PLATE. It blocks front show looks totally. so please change the place of front number plate.

  9. Round headlight is suitable for this bike
    Please change the headlight.and give the engine kill switch which is so important to us

  10. Bike is getting released tomorrow & Vikrant meaning – This bike petrol tank is made out of iron of Vikrant air craft carrier which was used in indo pak war long back. basically ship was dismantled and iron was reused.

  11. Headlight should have been round even two smaller round ones would look nice,if i don’t buy this bike it will definitely be because of the headlight,also the number plate position must be changed to give it a complete retro look,I hope so bajaj designers and ceo takes note

  12. VERY NICE BIKE, I was purchased it on launching date , every thing of this bike is very good. masttttttttt haiii

  13. Bajaj v15 look is very different other 150 cc bike bajaj v15 look muscular but this bike is available 200 cc and 125 cc ? Because bajaj is produced pulsar 200 cc and 150 cc so

  14. I’d like to mention that I’ve purchased bajaj v15 on dt. 28.03.2016 from dealer TCS & sons (faridabad).
    Next day i observed that there was problem of oil leakage from engine and then i visited there service center but no serious action taken by them(apart from just clamping the bolts).
    And next day i observed there was different sound of piston excoriation from engine as well, and again i took my V15 to service center and mr.sanjay (adviser, +91 8377908776) said it’s just a normal sound but it is different then what it should be.
    with in a week its shockers started leaking, lots of oil can be seen visual on outside of shockers.
    I’m sorry to say that bajaj have disappointed my eager of buying this bike and also willingness of being a part of Bajaj family.

    I’ve also enclosed the picture of leakage.

    I’d like to mention one more issue which I’ve faced i.e. the Allen bolt they have given for pilot seat cover are just so third class in fact just a day after my purchase the hex socket got wear and now its not working.

    I’m sorry to say that bajaj is just fraud and i have no option left then to sue you.

    Pawan Yadav
    +91 99534 88007

  15. One of my friend is animation designer. He took Bajaj v15 photo and changed it head lamp with different shaped lights.
    most of the bikes are round shaped ones. After changing the new photo looks either bike too old or missing it charm. But no head lamp looks as new generation bike or fresh feel. After seeing those I feel PRESENT ONE IS LOT LOT BETTER. So I feel
    overall this bike is a MASTERPIECE.

    Now I think BAJAJ put lot of hard work behind its design and build quality to get this appeal. They also did lot of research and analysis to bring this bike to fill some gap in the market. It is not some thing easy to create some thing new for Indian people and also satisfy all kind of people. But we have some thing new at least for some who satisfy like me.


  17. I own this bike from the day they started delivery on 23rd March 2016. Amazing riding experience. I have maximum highway run. I have drive this bike till now almost 1250 kms. I got milage if 67 which is unbelievable. And there is real comfort while cruising at speed of 60 km/h. Breaking at high speed bike is not getting skid. Bike is quite heavy and broad wheels are giving good grip on road. I love my V15. Still enjoying others watching and trying to find name of company on bike. There is no branding with big letters or symbols of bajaj. So if someone see first time this bike will surprise and feel high price bike. It is value for money bike.

  18. I purchased V15 on April 8th 2016 at Sri Siddi Vinayaka Showroom, Begumpet, Hyderabad. For the first two days it was fine and then started showing the list of problems in it
    1) Poor Pickup – On any gear it doesn’t feel like a 150cc bike(not even close to a 110cc bike)
    2) Gear Shifting Problem – sometimes gears doesn’t shift well and they make disgusting noise when changing.
    3) Exhaust Sound (Beating) – The beating which is there for the initial two days is completely changed and now it sounds like a bike which is 5 years old. Completed disgusting and annoying. It is not the original beating like when it was new.
    4) Engine – Every time when you raise the bike on any gear there seems to be a annoying sound from the engine which is not so audible (you have to observe it carefully). I can easily say that this engine not for long lasting. Hardly it will last for two years.
    5) Mileage – One of the worst problem i am facing now. Can you believe a 150cc bike which has no proper power, no performance just like the other 150cc bikes but still it is not giving a mileage of 40KMPL. As of now the mileage is below 40.
    6) Pillion seat – When you remove the rear seat cowl and sit on it while some one is riding, you can easily slip back and may fall down. Not at all comfortable for the pillion
    7) Side indicator’s doesn’t make sound when they are in use, just like the other bikes. Then just simply blink.
    8) Fuel gauge – The digital fuel gauge which is completely useless , sometimes it shows four points and the very next minute they reduce to two points.
    9) Service – The showroom guys are completely reckless and irresponsible. I have explained all the above to them with in one week (15th april 2016) but they are not answering to any of the question properly. They simply say “Go to service center” or “Wait for the first service, initially the bike will be like this only”.

  19. I also want to puchase this bike ……….plz suggest me…..what in this bike which makes it special…..

  20. It’s a good looking bike with good features and carries the legend of INS Vikrant. The TV Ad and marketing good.
    The question every consumer should ask is “IS IT ANY GOOD FOR US IN LONG RUN?”

    Looking at the Bajaj Service standards and the response to other fellow owners listed earlier, this bike is definitely NOT for a long run. If one does not mind spending Rs. 70,000 for one or maximum of 2 years, this bike can be purchased.
    Anyone wanting to buy a bike for long term and with value for it, stay away.

  21. Bajaj v15 is better then all commuter bike of price 62.000 to 65.000. It gives 12 bhp power that’s good for commuters .V15 have nice telescopic suspension mileage is 55 to 62 at Good roads but in gali ye details hai 45 to 58……and overall this is the best commuter bike

  22. I have Bajaj v 150cc. Bike needs round shape head light and number plate should be stuck over the head light. Bajaj V 150cc need no chain cover like other bikes… Chachis has to long some – little bit…

  23. इस दिवाली मुझे बजाज v लेना है ।क़या आगे की लाईट एवं पिछले मडगाड रायल एनफिऌड की तरह बनाकर दे सकते हैं। 8827500555

  24. Why the headlight on off button has been removed. On day time too lights getting on means when byke starts the lights came on. please make light on off button.