2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Spied In Chennai, India Launch Expected During 2012

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is Ford’s latest sedan in the market and has been able to attract an appreciable number of aspiring buyers. As far as the car is concerned, the company also has a small car or hatchback variant of the Fiesta known as Ford Fiesta Hatchback. The car is a successful hatchback in other global market but in the Indian market, it is still not available.

Discussions are all over the place about the car’s launch until it was caught testing in Chennai and now the intensity of discussions have risen.


As being reported, Ford plans to launch the Fiesta Hatchback in India during 2012. The company has been showing reluctance towards answering some important questions, of which one is about the future launches, but we have seen it testing now. The company earlier said that it will bring products based on B , C and CD platforms to India and since Fiesta is based on the B platform, it is highly anticipated now.


Ford is pretty confused I guess as it would be quite difficult to find a correct place for the Fiesta hatchback in between the line-up. At an event in the past, one of the higher official hinted that out of the 8 products it plans to launch in India by 2015, mostly will be small cars. So now we are expecting that the car will be launched within a while from now and believe me, it as way more sensational than any other hatchback in the market.

Source – IAB

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