2012 Bentley Continental GT Price In India Rs. 2 Crore


Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maybach, Rolls Royce etc. form the league of exotic car manufacturers and we are extremely lucky to have them in association with our very own Indian market today. Some of the above are existing while some plan to enter within the next couple of months and mind you when all of them are here, the competition will be as tough as in the small car segment.

Of all these manufactures we believe Bentleys to have more practicality than any other only because of their usability and price. Although they don’t come very cheap but in comparison with the rest, they definitely offer more at a comparatively lesser cost.


Previously we had covered the launch of 2012 Bentley Continental GT which was as exciting as any luxury car’s launch would be but disappointingly the prices were not out then. Of lately the company has announced the price of this super luxurious coupe and it has been priced at Rs.2 Crore.

The Bentley Continental is a globally acclaimed series and the new crispier and dynamic 2012 GT justifies it completely. Technologically there is no need to compare it with any other vehicle as they set their own benchmarks every time they are out with something new. It sports a 6-litre, 12-cylinder, twin-turbocharged heart capable of pumping out 75PS (567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm (516lb ft) of torque.

Very uniquely with the newly implemented Flex Fuel technology it can run on standard unleaded petrol (gasoline),sustainable bioethanol (up to E85) or any mix of the above two. In 2011 the company also plans to kick in with a high-output 8-cylinder engine delivering significant 40% emission reduction.

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