2012 BMW 1 Series Leaked Interiors and Exterior Pictures


BMW is working on a compact hatchback car which will be be a new series car- the BMW 1 Series. The 1 Series is being developed for a segment of buyers who want luxury in a compact form factor. With the fuel prices rising every day and parking and driving space shrinking, a compact car makes all the sense. The BMW 1 series is a compact premium hatchback just like Audi A1 on which Audi is working.

BMW 1 Series Official Picture (3)

There are some recent pictures leaked on the Internet before the official unveiling of the 1 Series in the Frankfurt Auto Show. The new gen 1 Series comes with good quality interiors with modern features and gadgetry like speed limit detection, Internet connectivity etc.. The next gen of 1 Series will come with 6 speed manual or 8 speed automatic transmission options.

BMW 1 Series Official Picture (2)

The Interiors will be sporty and plush with gray and matt chrome finish on the interiors. The rear is almost steep vertical and gives a very compact look to the car.

The side lines of the 1 Series is also sporty with a curve starting from above front extending right to the rear tail lamps. The sporty look is further enhanced by 5 spoke alloy wheels which gibe a good view of the front and rear disk brakes. The rear spoiler and a small extrusion on the roof near the rear spoiler make it look distinct.

BMW 1 Series Official Picture (1)BMW 1 Series Official Picture (5)

Even after a compact from factor, the driving height as well as the rear view looks to be ample as you can see through the front wind shield standing at the rear of the car.

BMW 1 Series Official Picture (4)

There is no word about the 1 Series to make its official debut in India or not, but we expect the same to happen in next 2 to 3 years as the Indian market is getting bigger with time with a goof growth in the luxury cars space.

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