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2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan With New Engines & Features Revealed

In the month of August we brought you the spy pictures of the latest model of BMW 3 Series which were not very clear but for all the 3 Series fans this post will come as a treat. BMW has finally revealed the much awaited youngest F generation sedan, the 2012 BMW 3 Series.

Alike all its older siblings, which now get a refreshed design of the F generation, the 3 Series has also been revised to resemble them. The aggressive design cues being noticed in the recently launched BMW 6 Series Coupe or the BMW X3 or any other latest model, will also be seen in this new 2012 model.


Going by the looks of the F30 (new 3 series) there are a couple of changes which do add more meaning to the killing appearance. The headlamps now are more sleek and stylish and merge into the kidney grille which also has been refreshed and looks wider now. The hood is more uniform with no lines in the middle unlike the previous model, though it has more lines on the sides.


The fender is redesigned adding a lot of sportiness to the car. The car now has turn indicators incorporated with the ORVM(outside rear view mirrors). The car on the sides is pretty much the same but on the rear a larger trunk with more space can be noticed(thanks to the change in the rear and front wheel track)


Technically the car is 40 kgs lighter than the ongoing version. The company plans to introduce the car with a couple of engines initially which are as follows:

  • A new 2 liter twin turbo 328i petrol engine producing 245 BHP of max power and 350 Nm of max torque at just 1250 RPM and 0-100 KMPH in 6 seconds
  • A 3 liter turbo petrol with a maximum output figures of 306 BHP and 400 Nm respectively. The same has a top speed of 250 KMH with a 0-100 KMPH sprint coming in 5.5 seconds.
  • The diesel engine is a 2 Liter unit producing 184 BHP and 380 Nm but will ensure better fuel economy
  • A 320 D variant is also available under EfficientDynamics tag with appreciable outputs of 161 BHP and 380 Nm


Other engines to follow later in 2012 are as follows:

  • A 316D diesel economical variant producing 116 BHP of power
  • A 318D diesel variant producing 143 BHP of power and
  • A  new turbo 2 liter petrol 320i engine generating 184 BHP and 270 Nm

The driving modes have also been altered as a brand new Eco Pro mode has been introduced with the existing comfort, sport and sport+ ones. On the safety front features like the lane change warning, lane departure warning with collision warning and Surround View are new.